Thursday, 1 August 2013

Restyle Challenge Accepted

I am so excited! A week ago I saw a flyer in Claremont Vinnies advertising the Perth Fashion Festival Restyle Op Shop Challenge. It sounded like something right up my alley, so I looked Googled it and liked what I saw! Perth Fashion Festival is challenging people to wear something op-shopped every day for the month of August and they have style prompts to help you along. You can read more about it here. They have specifically challenged seven Perth bloggers to blog about their August op-shopped outfits. I'm not one of those lucky seven, but I'm going to join in the fun anyway! 

Today is the first day of the challenge and the style prompt was pink. When I read the first style prompt I immediately knew what I wanted my outfit to be. That was a week ago, and I have been thinking about it and getting excited about it for 7 days. This morning when I got dressed, I put on my fabulous op-shopped pink outfit that I had been planning for a week, set my camera up to take some snaps, and then decided to have a quick cup of tea... rookie error. I spilt tea all down my amazing pink outfit. I was so sad!

Lucky for me I have many many pink items in my wardrobe, so this is my back up pink outfit. I bought the dress at a Save the Children op-shop in Subiaco. It was full length, but because I'm quite tall it sat at a weird spot just above my ankles, so I hemmed it. The flowers are from my vast collection of flower pins and brooches, the shoes are from New York.

Looking through the style prompts for the next month is exciting, tomorrow is polka dots which is pretty easy for me, but there are some days that will definitely be a challenge, like sequins and neon. It will be fun trying different outfits and wearing styles that I wouldn't usually wear. You should try it to! 

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