Saturday, 24 August 2013

Shoes Shoes Shoes

Today is Saturday, the sun is shining and it's finally warm enough to get away with wearing just skirts, t-shirts and sandals! Spring is next week and I can feel it already, how exciting! 

The style prompt for today is shoes. I don't normally buy many shoes in op shops, for two reasons: a) I have big feet and I can never really find shoes I like in my size and b) as I've got a little older I've started to realise the worth in well made shoes. After years of limping around in sky high plastic heels and then eventually taking them off half way through the night, I have come to realise that spending money on shoes is OK, good even! 

Not that you can't find good quality shoes in an op shop, I see them from time to time, but they generally aren't in my size (rats!). Just 2 days ago I saw an amazing pair of  gold Beverly Feldman pointy flats in Vinnies Claremont for $10! They normally retail for hundreds of dollars! They were size 9, someone should go and buy them! 

The pair of shoes I'm wearing today I bought a few weeks ago at the Portcare op shop in Fremantle for $4. They are leather sandals with a wooden sole and they are so comfortable (although this is the first time I've worn them). When I Googled the brand the website that came up was Spanish, so I couldn't find out much about the brand. They sure feel lovely to wear, so I'll see how I go today.

The rest of my outfit consists of op shopped skirt, Target t-shirt and straw fedora from the Eumundi markets in Queensland. 

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