Thursday, 29 August 2013


Day 29 for Restyle 2013 is cuffed and, lucky for me, my most used item of clothing just happens to involve a cuff! My denim jacket! I bought this jacket at an op shop in Alice Springs for $4 back in 2009. It sat in my wardrobe for about a year before I actually wore it for the first time, and now it is my most prized possession. 

Seriously, for a girl who owns so many clothes I could wear a different outfit every day for a year (years even), this denim jacket is on constant repeat. I love it. The light colour and the fit are perfect for me and it dresses down any outfit, which is also perfect for me because I have a tendency to over dress for every occasion (just wait until you see what I'm wearing this Saturday night!).

I always have the sleeves cuffed when I wear this jacket. I'm not really sure why, I guess it just helps with the shape of it, plus it's never really cold enough in Perth to warrant un-cuffing the sleeves. Today I'm wearing an op shopped spotty sleeveless dress, op shopped red belt and my Rachel Antonoff brogues (another thing on high rotation in my wardrobe!)

I included the above picture because you can just see my petty coat sticking out from underneath my dress. Because I wear alot of vintage polyester and nylon dresses, I got my act together and invested* in some proper petty coats. As old fashioned as it sounds, they are actually awesome. I have 3 (white, black and skin colour) and they stop my synthetic fibre dresses sticking to my legs and allow the clothes to fall nicely. I wear one under almost every outfit! 

* when I say I 'invested', I mean I found 3 brand new petty coats in my size at South Street Vinnies and b0ught them excitedly for $3 each.

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