Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Belt (Suit) Up

In my Denim Darling post I wrote a little bit about my op shop wish list. It's not a list I have written down any where (except I guess on the blog), it's just something I keep at the back of my mind when I'm shopping. Op shops can be very overwhelming. They are usually huge, stuffed full of a random assortment of clothes and dirt cheap. 

It's the cheap bit that gets me every time. You can quickly rack up a gigantic collection of mediocre clothes if you take home every op shop item you 'kind of like'. I got sucked in to this a few years a go and all I ended up with was huge amounts of clothes that I didn't really like/want to wear but I bought them because they cost less then a take-away coffee. 

Now whenever I go op shopping I have a few strategies in place to stop me bringing home the entire shop. Number one strategy is to have a wish list of items I'm on the look out for. This also helps me from being overwhelmed by the vast quantity of clothes most op shops house. For the longest time the top of my wish list has been a matching patterned suit and on Saturday I ticked it off my list!

This suit is by Mondi, which is a German designer who made clothes for Princess Diana (I Googled)! IT IS AMAZING! The print, the fit, the cut of the jacket, the buttons. I am seriously in love! The set cost me $15 from Good Sammies in Fremantle. It's the best $15 I've spent in a long time. The style prompt today is belt... so I threaded on this little pink leather belt I picked up a few years ago at an op shop. The belt isn't really the feature, I was just so desperate to wear this suit!

My purple ballet flats are from Myer and my black knit top is from Flower. 

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