Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cheap Tuesday

I have to apologise, I didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday, I left my camera at work so I couldn't get any of my pictures. Life has been super hectic recently with moving house, work stuff, volleyball finals and trying to squeeze in quality time with my friends and boyfriend PLUS attempting to blog every day. It's certainly keeping things interesting! 

The style prompt for yesterday was 'under $5'. Keen op shoppers will know that finding something for $5 or less isn't too difficult. Op shop prices have gone up slightly over the last few years (which is only to be expected), but almost every shop I walk in to has a discount rack with items costing around $1 or $2 each. That's where I found this little tangerine button up top! It was jammed between some crappy polar fleece jumpers on the $2 rack at the Salvos on South Street. 

I have paired my $2 top with a maxi skirt I bought in Paris at a thrift store for 4 euros. 4 euros probably equates to more than $5, but I still think it counts. This skirt is made out of the best fabric, I love the floral print and all the different colours. The fabric is actually quite heavy (it's lined too!) so it's great to wear when it's a bit cooler outside.

You can't see my black ballet flats in these pictures, which is OK because they aren't very exciting, I wasn't in a wild shoe mood yesterday. My pineapple necklace is a cheapy from Diva and my giant orange ring is from New York.

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