Friday, 16 August 2013

I Heart Op Shops

It's fairly obvious that I enjoy op shopping, but it's not only the lure of cheap clothes that keeps me going back week after week. I LOVE fashion, I pour over Vogue and InStyle magazines and trawl through fashion blogs for hours on end looking for inspiration and styling ideas. I relax by putting together outfits and trying on different combinations of my ever expanding wardrobe. My number one priority when getting dressed is that I never want to look like anyone else. 

 Shopping second hand gives you the freedom to try different styles/trends/outfit combos that you wouldn't normally spend money on. I feel much more confident customising a $4 dress bought from Vinnies then I would cutting up something I've bought brand new. I also don't feel bad spending $6 on high waisted jeans from the Salvos, because I know that if I can't make the style work for me then I can just donate it back. Buying all of my clothes from op shops gives me the freedom to be totally creative with what I wear and how I put an outfit together.

The theme for today is Op Shop Love. How perfect! I didn't really know what to wear, but finally decided to pull together an outfit based on this delightful pink pleather jacket I bought in Berlin for 3 euros. I was a bit unsure about the boxy fit at first, but I couldn't pass it up in the end... it's pink pleather for goodness sake! I'm so glad I took it home, I always feel very cool when I wear it. 

Underneath my jacket is a pink spotted shift dress. Another sweet op shop find, I got it for $7 from Anglicare in Freo a few weeks ago. My Doc Martens and black tights are pretty tough, but there's nothing like a pink pleather jacket to soften an outfit!

Speaking of colours, aren't these blue walls fantastic? These pictures were taken at my work, and the bright blue exterior walls of my building are my favourite photo back drop at the moment (so sorry I keep repeating it!).


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