Friday, 9 August 2013

Bag Lady

My favourite city in the world is San Francisco. I haven't travelled everywhere, but I've been to London, New York and Paris (the big three) and in my books San Francisco beats them all. My grand parents lived in San Francisco for many years so I was lucky enough to visit a few times with my parents. As an adult I've been back three times and every time I fall a little bit more in love.

The style prompt today was handbag, so I thought I'd take the oppourtunity to bring out my beautiful thrifted bird bag that I found in Haight Ashbury in San Francisco. This gorgeous bag was collecting dust in the back of a Goodwill and I was so happy to purchase it for only a few dollars. The fabric has a few marks on it, but luckily the print is quite busy so it all kind of fits in. 

If you ever go to San Francisco, you HAVE to go shopping in Haight Ashbury, the whole street is lined with all kinds of thrift/vintage stores with everything from dirt cheap second hand stuff all the way to designer vintage selling for hundreds (even thousands!) of dollars. I got a couple of really amazing things when I was there last and could have bought so much more if I wasn't so restricted with time/luggage/cash.

I'm wearing my lovely bag with op shopped shoes, jacket and dress. The blue lace wrap underneath is Metalicus which I've had for at least 5 years and my little beer drinking man brooch is from Prague. Happy Friday! 

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