Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Jacket Dilemma

I bought this stripey blue and green jacket about six months ago. When ever I go op shopping I am always drawn to bright colours and bold patterns, I own very few solid coloured items, so this jacket immediately had my attention. It doesn't have a label, so I can't work out if it is vintage or brand new or somewhere in between. Either way it's in great condition, it's a great length and I love it. 

Unfortunately when I brought it home, I couldn't work out how to style it. It is such a striking pattern that it is difficult to pair with other colours/prints. The obvious thing is to wear it with all black, but that's just a bit too... obvious.  So I ummed and ahhed and tried it on with almost everything I own and eventually, I gave up. 

So this lovely jacket has been sitting in my cupboard for six months and hasn't been worn. This morning I woke up and randomly pulled together this outfit in about 30 seconds, and I think it works! Why wasn't I able to do that six months ago?! The pattern of my mini skirt has almost the exact same blue in it, so it matches, and the deep purple blouse isn't overpowering the brightness of the jacket (and it's a more exciting colour than black). SUCCESS!

Black tights, jelly sandals and another of my flower brooches are the finishing touches. The purple blouse is 100% silk and from Sportscraft (I bought it for a couple of dollars at my favourite op shop in Mosman Park). I got my skirt from a street market in Amsterdam, it was full length, but after wearing it a few times I decided I'd get more use out of it if it was shorter, so I hemmed it.

Sorry the pictures aren't great, I didn't make it home in time to take photo's while it was still light. Dam winter!

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  1. You are really beautiful Hannah. And you are doing an amazing job with your blog. I wish you much more success with what you are doing here. Just keep it up.