Thursday, 22 August 2013

Business As Usual

Today I got to suit up for work, which was pretty fun! The style prompt was 'It's All Business' so I decided to create an outfit based on my amazing vintage silk Brooks Brother bow tie, because business people always wear bow ties to the office, right? 

I work in an office and sit at a desk all day, but I don't really get in to the corporate wear that much, probably because my office is at the beach. I do love suits, but only the brightly coloured, shoulder padded, giant golden buttoned kind of suits. I use my work attire as a way to test run different outfits. My co-workers know I have a fairly out-there sense of style, so they are never really surprised when I come prancing in to work wearing a poncho or a crinoline or a leotard.

Today I'm wearing my bow tie with a white shirt I picked up a week ago from Lifeline for $4. After the white shirt challenge at the beginning of August I decided I needed a good white shirt in my wardrobe, this one is great, it's nice and light but still has a sharp colour and the sleeves are long enough for my (extra long) arms.  

My tweed blazer is really the highlight of my outfit (sorry bow tie), it's Ralph Lauren and fits perfectly! I got it at Claremont Vinnies at the beginning of winter for $6. I haven't actually worn it very much, but I do love it. The aqua skirt was just a way to introduce a bit of colour in to the equation, I got it at an op shop a million years ago (read: 5 or 6 years ago). My shoes were from a clothes swap.

So there you have it, my business inspired outfit is 100% second hand! Not bad at all. Tomorrow's theme is metallic and I have no idea what I'm going to wear, why don't I own more shiny things?!

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