Saturday, 3 August 2013

White Shirt

The style prompt today was a white shirt, which is actually quite a challenge for me, particularly because today is Saturday. I love my pencil skirts and blouses for work, but on the weekends I tend to steer clear of anything too 'binding' and stick to comfy dresses. Today I had to work out a way to wear a white shirt without appearing like I was heading to the office. Challenge accepted!

This is the only white shirt I own and I originally bought it just for the collar. I was going to cut the collar off and wear it with other tops. Luckily I never got around to doing that, it is a beautiful shirt with gorgeous pearls detailing. I never really buy plain coloured clothes, especially not plain neutral coloured clothes, but this top is definitely my type of shirt! I got it at an op shop, although I can't remember which one. 

I put together this outfit to go meet a friend for coffee and cake this afternoon, so nothing too fancy. I decided to go for a very classic colour scheme, black and white with patent red accents, you just can't go wrong! My leather shorts are from an op shop in Berlin and my patent red bow belt is an op shop find from Alice Springs (I get around). Pairing my white shirt with leather shorts automatically takes it out of the work wear appropriate zone, which is good, and flat shoes keep things from looking too over the top.

The shoes are really my favourite part of this outfit, they are Bass loves Rachel Antonoff and I love them! I ordered them online ages ago and they took so long to arrive. I really think that every girl needs a pair of patent red leather brogues, they are so comfy and they literally go with every thing I own!

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