Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday Sequins

The Restyle Op Shop Challenge prompt for today was sequins. When I saw it on the list I honestly didn't think it would be so difficult. I love glitz and sparkles and shiny things, sequins fits in with all that right? Well according to my wardrobe it doesn't, I only own one thing with sequins on it! 

I really like this sequined top. I got it at a clothes swap I hosted a few months ago, so it's not op-shopped, but it was free, you can't beat that! It's actually quite a long top, so I've worn it before with just black stockings, boots and a blazer. The challenge today was working out a way to make it day-time and work-place friendly. 

I thought the colours worked nicely with this full circle skirt (look at it twirl!). I always have trouble styling this skirt. It's 100% silk and absolutely gorgeous, but I can never quite find the right top to match it. Wearing plain black or plain white with it seems a bit harsh. The matte sequins on this top actually work really well, and the check pattern and length of the skirt help to take the sequins from night time glitz to work (and Monday!) appropriate.

My leather jacket is my favourite most recent buy. I picked it up a few weeks ago at the RSPCA op-shop in Palmyra for $7! It's a Just Jeans leather jacket which is still available on their website to buy for $199! I was so excited! It's lovely soft leather and is a great colour which matches lots of things without being an obvious black. What a win! 

My black boots are from Kmart and my skirt is op-shopped. 

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