Saturday, 31 August 2013

Dress to Donate

Today is the last day of Winter and the last day of Restyle! The past 30 days have been really fun! I have blogged every single day for a month and I'm pretty impressed with myself, although I honestly didn't realise how hard blogging every day was. Tonight I have a major work event, which I have been working on for a while, so I'm going to take a few days break from the blog to recover and then dive straight back in to business next week (which is also my birthday week!!).

The very last prompt for Restyle 2013 is 'an outfit to donate back', so I'm wearing this purple jumper dress I bought from Good Sammies in Fremantle at the beginning of winter. Winter is now over and today is the first day I've worn it, so tomorrow it's going back to Good Sammies and hopefully someone else will give it a good home. 

Getting in to the habit of regularly donating clothes is a good one, especially for an op shopper. I go through my wardrobe every few months and cull the clothes that I haven't worn over the season, don't love any more or don't fit me any more. This helps me keep track of all my clothes and it means that I only keep things that I really love. This purple dress is awesome, which is why I bought it, but it's not my style and it's doesn't look that great on me (I took 78 pictures to get these 5 which are only OK).

It's a pretty wild dress, so I thought I'd just go all out and throw on my highest wedge sandals (Carvela from Asos) and a few layers of necklaces, the spikey one is from Diva and the coral one is from Anna Chandler. This isn't my usual style but it was fun getting dressed up out of my comfort zone for a few hours. Tomorrow I'm heading to the donation bins with a garbage full of goodies, I hope someone else finds and loves them like I love all my op shopped stuff!

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