Monday, 19 August 2013

Moving Day

Yesterday I moved house, it was crazy. Moving house is always a nightmare and yesterday was no different. But after 12 hours of trudging up and down four flights of stairs, a couple of tantrums and 3 utes worth of rubbish, we finally got in to our house. Our new place is awesome, so the pain of moving was made considerably easier by our sweet new pad. 

The style prompt for Sunday was under $10. I was so flat out moving stuff that I didn't get a chance to post anything yesterday (sorry!!) but I managed to snap a few pictures of my under $10 moving outfit on my amazing new balcony. 

I'm wearing a $2 t-shirt from the Melville Markets, $4 denim jacket from the Salvos in Alice Springs, my converse and a pair of leggings stolen from mum. I normally don't condone wearing leggings as actual pants, but as I was moving I wanted to be as comfy as possible and these babies were magic. 

So all up my outfit cost $6 (no including my shoes), not bad at all! Now I must get back to my unpacking, my shoes are not going to alphabetise themselves!

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