Thursday, 5 September 2013

Big Red Dress

Hello! I'm back! I took a little blog break after posting every day in August. I was seriously fashion fatigued by the end of Restyle 2013. But here I am again to tell you about the amazing outfit I wore on the last day of winter. 

I had a big event at work, one that I coordinated and have been working on for months, so I was very nervous/excited for it all to come together. Luckily it all went off with out too much drama and I got to wear my incredible Big Red Dress and dance the night away (this dress is perfect for twirling). 

I bought this silk gown from Anglicare in Fremantle for $40 a few months ago. It fits like a glove, and all the cute ladies who work in Anglicare were squealing along with me in excitement when I tried it on. I normally wouldn't buy something like this no matter how well it fit, because I NEVER have an occasion to wear spectacular ball downs (seriously, someone invite me to a ball!). Luckily I had my work party coming up and, as I was the event planner, I just changed the dress code to black tie, and voila! An occasion to wear the dress! 

I was very tempted to wear flowers in my hair and go down the whole flamenco dancer route, but I decided that might look to costumey. So I just accessorised with my tassel earrings from Collette, these earrings cost $3 and they instantly make any outfit look fancy, and some op shopped gold bracelets. Because I knew I'd be running around for the first part of the evening I decided to wear these Yoejin Bae wedges I picked up for $10 from RSPCA Palmyra, my feet were grateful in the morning!

So all up my entire outfit cost $60 (roughly, I can't remember how much the bracelets cost me). Not bad for a full black tie look. I just want to be invited to another event so I can wear this dress again! 

My boyfriend took these pictures and it was so windy, I promise my hair looked a lot nicer before the wild sea breeze got to it! 

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