Friday, 8 August 2014

Restyle Day 8 - Cut Outs

Cut outs is an interesting trend and one that I'm not sure I'm particularly fond of. When I think of cut outs I think of tube dresses with big chunks cut out at the waist or hips, terrifying! My goal was to find something in an Australian Red Cross op shop with a subtle cut out, like on the sleeves or something like that. It took a good lot of searching and I almost gave in, but eventually I found this lovely vintage dress with a subtle tear drop cut out at the Red Cross shop in Duncraig.

Red Cross Duncraig was a gold mine of goodies. They have a large section at the back of the store for costumes and vintage, so there were many treasures to be found. This vintage floral dress is a perfect addition to my wardrobe and I know I'll get a lot of use of it (I already have!). Boots and jacket in winter, wedges and a hat in summer, it's super versatile and the print/colour is just my taste.

How did you style cut outs? It's a tricky trend to master and I think this is about as extreme as I can go (i.e not extreme at all!).

Dress: Australian Red Cross Duncraig $20
Cape: Op Shop
Boots: Report
Sunglasses: Stella McCartney

Photos by Valentina


  1. Super cute AGAIN, Hannah. That dress is perfect on you and I'd like that cape when you're all done with it, please. ;-)

    1. I'll swap you the cape for that black and white stripe jacket you wore yesterday ;)

  2. Love this dress! I have to agree I'm not a huge fan of the cut out trend either, but you did a great job finding something to suit your style :) I love your sunglasses - such a great shape!

    Lauren xx

  3. Such a pretty dress, Hannah. Gorgeous colour!

  4. Such great photos! I love that spot, Freo is full of excellent spots to shoot. Cut-outs was really tricky, I can see you will wear this dress, nice find. xx Jenelle