Monday, 18 August 2014

Restyle Day 18 - Neutrals

So I said I was going to take inspiration from Meryl Streep and Lauren Bacall for this prompt… and I did, but then that outfit looked terrible (I blame a pair of ill-fitting camel pants) and I couldn’t possibly share it on my blog, because I’d never wear the outfit out of my house. SO… this is the second neutral outfit I put together with clothes I op shopped from Australian Red Cross stores. 

Seeing as I had very little time to pull together a second neutral outfit, I decided to fall back on denim, because denim is basically the most neutral of all neutrals! You can wear denim with every print/pattern/fabric/colour under the sun, the combinations are endless! You can even wear denim with more denim (which you'll see me atempt in a few weeks!).

 This denim vest is incredibly versatile and when worn with my full circle cotton skirt and some basic accessories, you get a great 'neutral' outfit! You could easily add some wild shoes or a fab hat to spice this look up, but I'm sticking with today's prompt and staying as neutral as possible (red lips and sweet aviators don't count).

Skirt: Australian Red Cross Hamilton Hill $5
Vest: Australian Red Cross Hamilton Hill $3
Clutch: Australian Red Cross Duncraig $8
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Shoes: Tory Burch 

PS I can't deny my love of colour, so I found the brightest back drop ever for these photos!

Photos by Valentina

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