Monday, 4 August 2014

Restyle Day 4 - Button Down

Every girl needs a classic shirt dress in their wardrobe. It's such a timeless style that suits pretty much everyone. I have a couple of colourful patterned shirt dresses that I love to wear in Summer, but this black cotton, longer sleeved dress is the perfect trans-seasonal piece that I never knew I needed until I bought it!

This dress can honestly be styled in so many different ways. Today I'm going for a classic vintage vibe with my cat eyes sunnies and woven clutch. I don't wear black very often, but there's something very comforting about a simple black dress that fits impeccably, all it really needs is a red lip and you're sorted.

I bought this dress at the Australian Red Cross op shop in Two Rocks and let me tell you, that store is a gold mine! Visiting op shops in more obscure suburbs or rural areas is one of my top tips, they ALWAYS have fantastic stuff. I find inner city op shops or op shops in obviously 'cool' places, like Subiaco or the City, are generally more picked over and it's a little harder to find something awesome. Where as the stores in the outer suburbs are normally filled with treasure. So next time you are heading down south or up north, be sure to stop by any local op shops you come across (Red Cross have lots of stores in the South West!

Dress: Australian Red Cross Two Rocks $5
Clutch: Australian Red Cross Duncraig $8
Shoes: Guess (old!)
Sunglasses: Pared Eyeware

Photos taken by my beautiful cousin Kimberley. As you can probably tell it was SUPER sunny on the day we took these, hence the sunglasses to hide my squinty eyes!


  1. Hi Hannah. Beautiful styling and your cousin did a great job with the photos. The dress was a brilliant find for $5. The bag for $8...It seems like the outer suburbs are also cheaper than the city stores haha! I'm definitely going to try and fit in an op-shop if I'm driving outside my usual areas. Another nice outfit :)

    1. Thank you! I do LOVE this dress, have already worn it to work many times! x

  2. Can never go wrong with a black dress. You do find stuff in the outer suburbs, it's so under shopped. xx Jenelle