Thursday, 21 August 2014

Restyle Day 21 - Stripes

This stripey blouse was the first thing I bought for Restyle. It came from the Australian Red Cross op shop in Fremantle. If you haven't been to the Red Cross in Freo then I definitely recommend it, it has a carefully curated collection of designer, vintage and great quality second hand clothing. If you are new to op shopping then this store is a great place to start because unlike some traditional op shops, this one is thoughtfully merchandised, brightly lit and the racks are neatly sorted by style and colour, so it’s hard to get over whelmed! The Freo Red Cross is also open on Sundays (10am-4pm) which is excellent for someone who works full time like me! 

I knew I wouldn’t have any problems putting together an outfit for today’s style prompt. Stripes are a fantastic and versatile print that you can find in pretty much any op-shop you walk in to. I love a pussy bow, so I was going to buy this shirt regardless of its stripes, it’s just handy it fits in so well with a prompt! 

This outfit  is very ‘Austin Powers’, the velvet, the bow, the billowing sleeves. I love it! This blouse and skirt are exactly the kind of thing I have been searching for for my work wardrobe. They are classic styles but with interesting fabric/pattern which ensures they aren’t boring.  I could easily wear this outfit to work (and have!) I just need to lose the socks and the beehive...maybe.

Did you know that the whole Restyle Photo-A-Day Challenge is supported by Lotterywest? They are the reason I can prance around in my op shopped clothes every day this month! Thanks guys!

Shirt: Australian Red Cross Fremantle $10
Skirt: Australian Red Cross Bentley $5
Shoes: Asos
Socks: Random sock shop in Garden City

PS The Australian Red Cross op shop in Freo have their own facebook page!! They are always having great sales and insider offers, so follow them HERE and keep up to date their latest news.

Photos by Liz from 


  1. Thats a cute shirt, Hannah, and you're rocking the over the knee socks! x

  2. You are too pretty! Love these shots under the bridge. How dod you do your hair like that??
    Love it. xx Jenelle