Thursday 20 October 2016


A little kindness can go along way! It’s a lesson that was really drilled in last week when my home was robbed and all of my jewellery and sunglasses were stolen. I am devastated to say the least. Losing my beloved collection of sunglasses which I’d carefully put together over many years was heart breaking, not to mention all of my brooches and many sentimental items from my grandma and family. 

A friend of mine, who I’ve only met IRL a few times reached out to me and in the ultimate gesture of kindness picked a few pieces out of her own impressive collection of jewellery and sunglasses and passed them on to me so I could start to rebuild mine. I was completely blown away. It was a perfect reminder of how a small gesture can have a mighty impact. After feeling so down all week, suddenly I was back on top. 

I wore this lovely Collette Dinnigan dress to a friend’s birthday dinner on the weekend. This was actually my back up engagement party dress which I never ended up wearing. I styled it with some of my new gifted pieces, including these incredible moon and stars earrings and amazing sunglasses. I feel so spoilt looking at these pictures. 

Dress: Collette Dinnigan, consignment store $30
Earrings: gifted
Sunglasses: Ksubi, gifted
Shoes: gifted