Friday, 31 October 2014

Maxi Skirt Mistake

I LOVE this maxi skirt, which is why I was quick to include it in my Shop What You Got capsule wardrobe. Unfortunately it probably wasn't the best choice because I can't wear it to work. I would have been better off choosing something that is a little more versatile... Oh well! I'll definitely be getting a lot of wear out of it on the weekend.

I wore this outfit to saunter around Fremantle last weekend. It was the Blessing of the Fleet, which is a big festival where the fishing boats are blessed for the season. Fremantle was manic on Sunday, so the boyfriend and I holed up at our favourite pub, drank cider and played Connect 4... total bliss!

Skirt: Vintage from Paris*
Top: No idea! It's about 12 years old*
Wedges: Seed*
Hat: Op Shop
Sunglasses: Stella McCartney
Earrings: Lovisa

*Part of my Shop What You Got capsule wardrobe

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Pretty Clever

I wore this outfit to work last Friday and thought I was pretty clever... why you may ask? Well I had after-work drinks with some friends planned and I didn't want to bring a whole new change of clothes, so I just wore this black dress with a t-shirt during the day and removed the t-shirt en route to the pub to create a whole new outfit. Told you I was clever!

I seem to have worn this black cotton dress as a skirt more then I have as an actual dress. It's just got simple spaghetti straps and a slight sweet heard neck line. It's super flattering, but slightly boring, which means it's perfect for this Shop What You Got challenge! I can wear it so many different ways!  At some point I'll get my act together a photograph it as it is so you can see. 

What do you think of my new sandals? I've been searching for white sandals for over a year. It was so hard to find a pair that weren't super tacky looking (ahem). These are from Zara, which I was purposely avoiding, but couldn't resist the pull of endless on-trend items, I'm only human after all! 

Dress: Op Shop*
T-shirt: Op Shop*
Belt: Op Shop
Sandals: Zara*
Brooch: Gift from Grandma

*part of my Shop What You Got capsule wardrobe

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Life Recently

Oh my goodness who can believe it's the last week of October!? This month has zipped by in a blur of work, volleyball and blogging (what's new hey?!). The last two months of the year are my favourite and I have so many fun things planned. I know it's terrible to wish the days away, but I'm hanging out for a family trip to the east coast, a long weekend on the beach with some of my best friends and of course the endless holiday parties that December brings. November, I'm ready for you!

Recently I've been...

Eating pasta, pasta and more pasta. I do lots of exercise so I need the carbs, right?
Drinking banana smoothies!
Cooking the most amazing hummingbird cake, Jamie Oliver has done it again
Watching the last season of Sons of Anarchy, I can't get enough of Jax Teller!
Buying Vintage! I went a bit berserk on Smith St when I visited Melbourne at the start of the Month
Wearing the same 30 items for 30 days (kill me now!)
Reading Gone Girl, I was told to read the book before I see the movie and BOY is it intense
Avoiding cleaning my car... it's full of sand and old coffee cups, can someone else do it for me please?
Browsing blogs for cheap and easy Christmas gift DIYs
Dreaming of my long hair, I just want to be able to do my Heidi braids again!

What have you been up to this month?

photos from my instagram

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Hats are for Hiding

I was scanning through some of my previous blog posts the other day and realised that I wear this hat an awful lot. I tend to grab a hat to wear on weekends to hide my messy hair. I'm not very skilled in the hair styling department, so plonking a fedora, beanie, cap or beret on top seems to be the easiest option. I really should learn to do something more interesting with my hair... in the meantime I might invest in another coloured hat!

Luckily for me, accessories weren't included in the Shop What You Got challenge, so I can rotate through my small collect of hats and continue to take the easy route and hide my lack lustre locks. Thank goodness!

Skirt: Op Shop*
Vest: Op Shop*
Hat: Op Shop
Sandals: Melissa*
Bangles: Op Shop (two large ones), hand made (thin orange one)

*items are part of my Shop What You Got capsule wardrobe

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Is This Too Boring?

This is the kind of outfit I wear all the time, but it never quite makes it on to the blog because I don’t feel like it’s interesting enough. When I was planning what 30 pieces I’d include in my capsule wardrobe for the next month, the first three items I grabbed were my denim skirt, my cons and a stripey t-shirt. So I figured it was about time I show you my VERY casual VERY common weekend outfit.

This t-shirt is actually a new purchase. I got it for $3 from the op shop attached to St Luke’s church in Mosman Park. The brand on the label is BP Studio which, according to Google is a fancy Italian brand that sells t-shirts for 100 euros, which is probably why this super soft  cotton number is a total dream to wear. I have many a striped t-shirt, but didn’t have a navy blue one yet, so this is an excellent addition to my wardrobe and perfect for slouching around Fremantle on the weekend.

Skirt: Op Shop*
T-shirt: Op Shop*
Shoes: Converse*
Belt: Op Shop
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

P.S I'm linking up with the gorgeous Vicki from The Fashionable Mum. We are sharing our fabulous thrifty finds, like my stripey $3 t-shirt! Head on over to her blog and check out the other awesome blogger bargains.

*items from my Shop What You Got capsule wardrobe!

Monday, 20 October 2014

30 Pieces in 30 Days

Hi friends! I saw something on Instagram last week challenging people ‘shop what you’ve got’ and create a capsule collection of 30 pieces from your existing wardrobe (including shoes, but not accessories). The idea is that for the month of November you only wear those 30 items. I’ve heard about this kind of thing before and have always wanted to try it. I’m a terrible consumer and LOVE buying new things consistently, so forcing myself to live off a small wardrobe and re-wear outfits more regularly will be a challenge, but I'm going to dive right in and give it a go, you should too! 

I’m actually going on holiday for the last week of November (hooray!) so I’ve decided to start the challenge a little earlier. From the 19th of October until the 18th of November I’ll only be wearing things from my capsule wardrobe of 30 pieces. Want to know what’s making up my wardrobe for the next month?

Five pairs of shoes, five dresses, six tops, six skirts and four jackets… and that’s it! I know that's only 26 things, but I'm going to allow myself four wild cards that I can add throughout the month (because I make my own rules. ha!)  

Everything can be mixed and matched and worn for both work and play, so I should manage the whole month with just these items. I’ll be sharing my journey on the blog (duh) but probably not every single outfit, so tune in to my instagram (@inthedressupbox) to see how I get on each day. If you follow the hashtag #shopwhatyougot you can see all the other people doing the challenge too! 

This is what I planned to wear yesterday (the first day of my challenge) but the weather was so awful I spent the day in my PJs watching Clueless and Grease. I'll definitely have to re-wear it sometime in the next month.

Dress: Op Shop
Vest: Op Shop
Wedges: Seed
Earrings: Lovisa
Scarf: Op shop

Friday, 17 October 2014

Wardrobe Hole

I don’t go to normal shops very often but even I couldn’t resist the lure of the Myer end of season sales recently. I get my eyebrows done at Benefit in Myer Garden City so when I showed up 10 minutes early to my appointment I used my extra time wisely and did a quick scan of the 75% off racks. And I found this dress! It’s black, it’s jersey and it’s not second hand… so it’s very different to my normal purchases, but man is it excellent. Marked down from $180 to $23, it was close enough to my usual clothing price point.

I didn’t realise my wardrobe had a massive hole in it that needed to be filled by a beautifully fitting, ridiculously comfortable plain black dress. I took this with me recently to Melbourne and wore this exact outfit for an entire day traipsing around the city shopping, I then lost the hat, swapped my boots for heels and headed out for champagne. Honestly it’s amazing. I’ve also worn it to work with a blazer and on the weekend with converse and a checked shirt. Talk about versatile!

Dress: Yttrium
Hat: Op Shop
Boots: Report
Socks: Target
Necklace: Lovisa
Sunglasses: Karen Walker

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Seasonal Switch

Oh my goodness summer is definitely on its way! I know I talk about the weather a lot on the blog, but it’s the main factor I consider when getting dressed, so it’s pretty pertinent! I wore this outfit on Sunday to play lawn bowls and drink cider. It had been cloudy all morning so I was anticipating rain and wind. How wrong I was. I had to ditch the jacket and hike up my dress almost as soon as we arrived. It turns out maxi dresses and platform wedges aren’t the best attire for serious lawn bowling. Who knew? Haha.

I did a massive wardrobe clean out on Saturday and swapped over some of my winter clothes for summer clothes. I love doing this switch twice a year, I always discover things I forgot I owned, like this dress! As much as it may seem like I am always wearing a new outfit, SO much of my wardrobe gets repeated year after year. I buy bits and pieces throughout the year, but the majority of my clothes I’ve owned for many seasons and love re-interpreting them. I’ve worn this dress on the blog before but decided to add some more accessories this time around, what do you think?

Dress: Op Shop
Jacket: H&M
Hat: Op Shop
Shoes: Hobbs
Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana