Monday 29 February 2016

Good Bye Summer

Can you believe it’s Autumn tomorrow? Where did our Summer go?? As always I’m actually quite excited for the change of seasons. With Perth’s big heatwave out of the way (thank GOD!) and the weather slowly but surely cooling down I’ve started pulling out a few bits and pieces which will work for transitional dressing. Things I can layer up easily with my summer clothes to keep me a little bit warmer if need be.

I wore this over the weekend, while doing what I do best… op shopping of course! I actually bought this denim jacket while I was out and put it on immediately. Like it’s leather sister, a perfect denim jacket is one of my wardrobe essentials. I’ve been looking for a replacement for my old one, which literally fell apart at the seams after 7 years of solid wear. I found this Levis classic in the mens section at Salvos, it’s the perfect fit for me and I was more than happy to shell out a little more then usual to take it home. Considering the cost per wear, this baby will be worth every penny!

Do you like my custom initials necklace? I made it myself! I thrifted and subsequently cut up a fake Moschino bag to use the H and the M and then strung them onto a random gold chain I had hiding at the bottom of my jewellery stash. I’ve worn it non stop since and I’m so pleased with myself!

Jacket: Salvos Myaree $15
Top: Bassike, Good Sammies Freo 25c
Skirt: Save the Children Subiaco $4
Necklace: DIY
Shoes: Birkenstock, eBay
Sunglasses: Valley, eBay

Thursday 25 February 2016

Life Recently

Goodness gracious it’s the end of February and the end of Summer! My start to the year has been super busy and I have to apologise because my blogging has seriously fallen by the way side. I love blogging, but over the past few months it has felt really hard and as I’ve always dreaded, it turned into a bit of a chore rather than a fun hobby. I’m working hard to get back into some kind of routine where outfit shoots just happen naturally, but with starting a new job and having several jam packed weekends in a row, I just haven’t been able to get into a groove. It’s definitely something I’m working on! Thanks for hanging in there!

Here’s what I have been up to this month… 

Eating far too much ice cream for my own good
Drinking water! February has been SO hot in Perth, I’ve been taking a bottle with me everywhere I go
Wearing my gold birks, definitely one of my best purchases in 2015 
Buying a brown felt hat and a red fur collar… not only are they the first purchases I’ve made with my new job’s pay cheque, but they are the first non-second hand items I’ve bought in over a year!! Crazy!
Lusting after some Acne Pistol boots, they’ve been on my lust list for yonks and I’m nearly ready to shell out and invest in a pair…nearly. 
Watching Fargo, it’s pretty gripping and has definitely sucked me in.
Reading Harry Potter… for the zillionth time. It’s my annual new year tradition!
Playing so much volleyball, at this time of year the beach and indoor seasons cross over and I am doing double training, which basically means I’m exhausted and sore all the time.  
Dreaming of being able to wear my new faux fur coat… I do love coat season! 

So March is going to be a fun one, I’m starting to settle in to my new job and feel a bit more grounded in my everyday life. Our house is feeling more and more homely, as I continue to find bits and pieces to decorate it. Our garden is a disaster though, I’ve spent a fortune on plants and have managed to kill every single one of them, including some succulents… which I swear aren’t meant to die. Clearly I don't have a green thumb! So my Autumn project is to get our tiny yard organised and looking pretty. It can’t be that hard right?? (famous last words!)

Tuesday 23 February 2016


Just like the last glass of wine in a bottle or a lovely slice of cake, I am totally powerless to resist the pull of a good vintage dress. You’d think I’d have enough by now, but the moment I spy that crazy print poking out from a rack of chain store duds in an op shop I have a VERY hard time walking away.

This amazing dress was no different. It was on the $1 rack and I grabbed it without even trying it on. When I got home I found that it was actually being held together almost entirely by dress pins, with all of the seams coming apart. It was in dire need of some TLC, so I sewed it all back together and chopped off a bit of the length and then promptly wore it out. It’s so fabulous I just could not resist!

I can always find space for another vintage dress! What are your wardrobe weaknesses? You're allowed more then one, my other is sunglasses (if you couldn't guess!).

Dress: Save the Children Subiaco $1
Shoes: RSPCA Palmyra $5
Bag: Vinnies Claremont $7
Brooch (on hat): Vinnies Myaree $3
Hat: Vintage, eBay
Sunglasses: Karen Walker, eBay

Friday 19 February 2016

Back to the Salvos

I almost didn’t share these images with you, because after staring at them for an hour while editing I realised that this dress isn’t actually very flattering. I actually realised this the moment I started snapping pictures before heading off to work last week. But it was too late to go home and change so I just had to suck it up and see out the day. I figure this is probably something a lot of you are familiar with. Realising a moment too late that your outfit/hair/makeup just isn’t quite right but there’s nothing you can do but ride it out. Definitely a first world problem, but a problem none the less!

This dress has a lot going for it. It’s red, which I love. It’s a lovely thick stretchy jersey fabric which is super comfy and it’s got a high enough neck and low enough hem to be appropriate for the office. All good points! Unfortunately it’s the weird little non-sleeves, which aren’t quite capped but aren’t fully sleeveless which make me look like I have gigantic man arms and I swear I don’t!

So it’s back to the Salvos you go stretchy red dress, hopefully someone with lovely thin arms and not quite so much ass will give you a good home!

Dress: Salvos Fremantle $6
Shoes: Salvos Osborne Park $10
Necklace: Vintage shop in San Francisco
Bracelet: Op Shop

P.S I had to take ONE MILLION photos to capture these six OK ones for the blog... not a great sign! 

Monday 8 February 2016

Every Day Style

So I've recently discovered the #EveryDayStyle hashtag on insta thanks to my friend Em, who has ambitiously challenged herself to take a picture of her outfit every single day (go you!). The hashtag is a bit of a community of women who share their every day outfits (obvious right?!). I love trawling through it to see what every one is wearing and picking up a bit of outfit inspo for myself. As much as I love reading personal style blogs and using them for inspiration, I often find myself wondering whether the blogger ever actually wears that outfit in real life. Like I'm sure they might if they get invited to continuous cocktail-attire events, or multiple black tie functions, but do they really wear that outfit (with those sky scraper stilettos) on a random Tuesday? Maybe, but I certainly don't! Annnnnnnyyyy way, long story short, this year I want my blog to be realistic. A true reflection of outfits I've actually worn, not ones I would wear if only I was invited to a <insert very specific dress code> event. So this is what I wore to the beach on Friday morning...

Ground breaking huh?! My last official day of holidays before starting my new job (which is today! EEK!). I spent the morning snorkeling and then having breakfast with one of my best friends. It was truly bliss! 

Shorts: Op Shop
Top: Salvos O'Connor, $2.25
Bikini: Good Sammies Freo $4
Hat: Salvos Bibra Lake, $4
Bag: Salvos Fremantle $1
Shoes: Birkenstock, eBay
Sunglasses: Stella McCartney

P.S sorry about the fuzzy photos... another aspect of being a 'realistic' blogger... sometimes I don't get the settings on my camera quite right. Oops! 

Thursday 4 February 2016

Retro Kick

This is one of the last outfits I wore to my old job. Seriously lady-like with clashing prints and a retro kick. I love it! It’s funny, when I first started that job two years ago I was so concerned about adhering to the corporate dress code expected of me. But one thing (of the many things) I learnt while working there is that I bloody love a challenge, particularly a sartorial one! So trying to toe the line between being true to my own personal style (what ever that happened to be on the day) and not getting told off by the boss was actually such fun. In my two years I never got told off once for what I was wearing, which I’ll definitely chalk up to a win! 

I start my new job next week, which at the moment is an unknown entity in terms of outfit expectations, so I’ll have to ease into it with boring pencil skirts and blouses for the first few weeks while I suss out what my colleagues are wearing and start introducing some of my more fun outfit combos, crazy shoes and bold accessories. I can’t wait!

Dress: Bindaring Red Cross Sale $6
Cardigan: Vinnies Claremont $7
Shoes: Wittner, eBay
Brooch: Salvos South Fremantle $4
Sunglasses: Pared, eBay
Bag: Gift (thanks Evan and Sarah!!)

Tuesday 2 February 2016

Absolutely Definitely

Just a quick post to show off my sweet new dress! Because I absolutely 100% definitely needed another cotton floral sundress....

And yes I am wearing a wool hat and leather boots on a 35 degree day... I'm starting to miss my winter accessories!! 

Dress: Salvos Success $8
Belt: Claremont Vinnies $4
Hat: Glebe Markets
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Boots: Siren