Who takes your pictures?
I do! I use a tripod and have a remote for my camera. So all I need to do is set up my  tripod, pose and click away with my remote which sets the camera off. It’s really great and allows me to take as many or as few pictures as I want. Very occasionally I’ll get a friend to take pictures of me, but I am much more comfortable dancing around in front of the camera by myself. If you look carefully you can see the little black remote in my hand in most of the pictures.

Where do you take your pictures?
Usually I take them around my house. I currently live in a very photogenic area (Fremantle!), so I sneak out really early and take old fashioned selfies* while there aren’t too many people around to spectate. There is a really awesome warehouse that has five different coloured roller doors, so that’s my go-to spot at the moment, but I’m always coming up with new places. The number one thing I look for is somewhere that’s deserted, because I get very camera shy when other people are around to watch me.

*this is how a man described to his son what I was doing when they happened upon me posing in front of my tripod.

What is your favourite Op Shop?
This is an impossible question and I get asked it all the time, the truth is I don’t really have a favourite. There are op shops I go to regularly because they are close to my home and/or work, such as the Salvos and Vinnies on South St in Hilton and the Vinnies in Claremont. I live in Fremantle but tend to avoid the op shops right in town because they are normally very picked over and have higher prices (same goes for those in Perth and Subiaco, generally speaking). I get most excited about visiting op shops in the outer suburbs which are a little disorganised but almost always filled with treasure… Mandurah, Duncraig, Malaga, Balcatta, Mirrabooka, Willetton and Belmont are all excellent op shopping suburbs.

Do you make money from your blog?
Not at the moment. I have been trying to come up with ways I could monetise my blog, but to be honest I can’t think of anything that would feel authentic to me. Blogs like mine normally make money from advertising and promoting products to readers and unfortunately the truth of the matter is that I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes, like hardly anything. I buy almost everything from op shops and rarely pay over $10 for a single item, so I would find it a little dis-in-genuine to be promoting a dress/skirt/shoes/bag that I would never actually buy at its full retail price, regardless of how lovely it actually is. That’s how I feel at the moment anyway, I’m definitely open to collaborations, they would just have to fit within my style and budget. Although if Prada, Pared, Karen Walker or Onkler want to get in touch with me about spruiking their sunnies I’d be more than happy to oblige them ;)

OK, if you don’t make money from blogging then what do you do?
I work 9-5 just like everyone else! I work for the University of Western Australia in their development and alumni relations office. It’s a nice environment but isn’t that creative which I why I have my blog! I need to blow off a bit of creative steam every now and then and In The Dress Up Box allows me a place to do just that.

How do you fit blogging into your life?
This blog is a hobby and I really enjoy it, so I just make time for it along with all my other hobbies. I usually get up half an hour early and take outfit pictures before work, I write the actual text on my lunch break and then edit the images/put the post together after work. Because this blog is purely a hobby I don’t feel that much pressure to be publishing continuously. Some weeks I’m super busy and don’t have time to post and other weeks I’m really organised and can schedule posts for a whole month, it just depends what is going on in my life. The day this blog becomes a chore is the day I stop. Aside from blogging I love to sew and read, I play a lot of volleyball and am a volunteer surf life saver, I also make time to spend with my friends, family and boyfriend, so my life is pretty full but I really really love it.

If there are any other burning questions you need to know, just email me! hannahkmcall@gmail.com


  1. One more question! What is the best thing you have ever scored from an op shop? Thanks and I love your blog.

  2. Oh good question Naomi! I do get asked this a lot and I must say it is so impossible to answer. In terms of the biggest bargain I’ve ever found that honour probably goes to my Chanel necklace picked up at a trash & treasure for $5. If we are talking most worn item it’s definitely my $4 denim jacket which is now literally falling apart after 5 years of solid use. But my most favourite item is so hard to say, I think it probably falls down to one of my many vintage coats. I live in Perth so having a whole wardrobe full of coats if totally ridiculous, but they are all so amazing and timeless, I just can’t bear to part with them!

  3. Loved this Hannah :) It's nice to be able to read a little bit about the "behind the scenes of blogging" once in a while.
    I take most of my own photos too (except for the odd occasion when I rope the bf in to help) but haven't been quite brave enough to venture outside my backyard with my tripod yet! One day maybe!

    Lauren xx

    1. haha I know I hate people watching me while I take pictures, I feel like such an idiot. But sometimes you just need to suck it up and keeping smiling/posing/clicking away. You should definitely try taking pictures out in the big wide world! If anyone stops and asks what you are doing just tell them it's a photography assignment for uni (that's what I always do!) xx H

  4. Hi Hannah,

    Just found your blog after reading your feature with The Illusive Femme. Loving your look. Cant wait to stalk around and read some more. Bron x