Thursday 27 March 2014

Working Girl

I'm on the hunt for a new job at the moment and have been going to a few interviews. I always thought I had quite a versatile wardrobe, able to put together an outfit for almost any occasion, but these job interviews have really been stumping me! Considering I work full time in an office environment, I have surprisingly few conservative office-appropriate outfits (I swan around my current office in 60’s shift dresses, leopard print, purple hounds tooth and too many accessories). 

I’m all about bright colours and bold prints, but job interviews really do call for subdued patterns and neutral colours. I don’t think I could ever go full-corporate in a boring pants suit, but for the sake of my professional career I needed to pull together a few outfits suitable for an important interview. I wanted my interview outfits to be good quality, have a nice fit and most importantly still show my sense of style (even if it has to be a little subdued).

I wore this outfit to an interview a few weeks ago. I found this dress the day before and I think it’s a perfect compromise. The polka dot print is very ‘me’, but the colour pallet is neutral, the dress is lined and made from a heavy good quality fabric, plus the cut is very conservation so I don’t look too flashy. I was told beforehand by a wise relative that I needed to wear a jacket to my interview. This proved to be quite the challenge! I have pink striped blazers and fur trimmed coats and a turquoise jacket with gold buttons, but basically nothing suitable for an interview. I ended up wearing this red blazer which is still pretty out-there, but navy, red and white is such a classic colour combo that I think I got away with it.

I really love having guidelines or limitations when putting together my outfits, so having to dress professionally for a day was a fun challenge. I’m excited to put together a few more outfits that will fit in to a more corporate work environment, some more vintage pencil skirts are definitely needed, but due to my current shopping ban I’ll have to make do with what is already lurking in my closet.

Do you have any tips or hints for dressing professionally but not losing your soul to a bunch of grey skirts and white shirts?

Dress: Op Shop
Jacket: Op Shop
Belt: Country Road, Op Shop
Shoes: Vintage Bally, Op Shop
Bag: Ted Baker
Brooch: Bali Department store

Saturday 15 March 2014

The Cull

Here I am begging for Autumn and what do we get? Humid days and overcast skies…. Not quite what I had in mind and definitely not ideal for outfit photos. Luckily it was actually cool enough the other day to wear a cardigan! And not just in my air conditioned bedroom, but actually outside in the world! I was stoked, obviously, and have forgiven the weatherman for the grey clouds. 

I’ve been madly sorting through all of my clothes for the impending garage sale (it’s today, RIGHT NOW, you should come!) but it’s a little difficult to cull my winter clothes. I haven’t worn them for so long I have kind of forgotten what I get lots of use out of what I don’t. So I’m reluctant to get rid of anything at all. I know I need to though. No human needs 75 jackets. 

I’m still deciding whether this cardigan is going to make the cut. I wore it the other day with one of my favourite vintage dresses to see if I still like it. I really love the colour, a nice crisp white cardigan is very useful, but I can’t help thinking that the shape of the neckline isn’t that flattering and maybe I should keep looking for a better one?

I think I might just put this cardigan out for sale and let the garage sale gods decide for me. Not the dress though, this baby is staying firmly in my closet for the foreseeable future!

Dress: Op Shop

Cardigan: Op Shop

Brooch: Op Shop

Shoes: ASOS

Thursday 13 March 2014

Nothing To Wear

I have a million clothes and nothing to wear. It’s a real issue that affects women everywhere… kidding! It’s best kind of problem to have really, but it can still be a pain in the butt when you want to throw something on and nothing quite works. God knows why it even happens, normally I have no problem putting together an outfit quickly, but on Sunday afternoon I was struck down by this serious affliction. After spending the morning in my pyjamas sorting through stuff for my garage sale I was quite happy to get out of the house and have a wine at the pub to end the weekend. But a terrible combination of dirty hair and a fat day meant I could NOT FIND ANYTHING to wear. 

I literally tried on seven other outfits while the boyfriend patiently tapped his foot at the door until I finally stomped out of the house wearing this. When we got to the pub my brother immediately said I looked like a pirate. Excellent. 

After a wine or two I was feeling quite happy with my 1960’s Bardot look (NOT 1860’s pirate wench thank you very much). The wide scarf in my hair is cleverly hiding my awful roots. I did feel like it was going to slip off the back of my head the whole night, but it didn’t! Hooray! 

You can’t really go wrong with a simple white cotton top and denim. Why didn’t that occur to me when I first attempted to get dressed? Now I know, I’ll try to remember it when I’m next struck down with nothing-to-wear syndrome. 

Top: Op Shop
Skirt: Op Shop
Belt: Country Road, Op Shop
Espadrilles: Country Road, Ebay
Scarf: Op Shop
Earrings: Lovisa* 

*Originally bought for a White Trash dress up party, but I actually not-so-secretly love them!