Tuesday 31 May 2016

Style Rut

I’ve been in a bit of a style rut lately, does that ever happen to you? For the past few weeks I’ve been restricted to wearing flat shoes due to a nasty heel spur which just won’t go away. So not being able to wear all my pretty heeled boots and pumps has left me feeling decidedly flat style-wise. (heh heh)

In an effort to jolt myself out of it, I put together this slightly crazy outfit. Florals, spots, a giant bow and some spikey brogues. It’s hard to feel a bit meh when you look a bit insane! But this outfit did the trick, at least for the day! 

Blouse: Salvos Freo $4.25
Dress: Op Shop
Jacket: Vinnies Claremont $12
Shoes: Asos

Tuesday 24 May 2016

Life Recently

Howdy friends! Well this has quite possibly been the best month EVER! My wonderful Luke and I got engaged! Nine years after meeting on a Thai beach and I couldn’t be happier! We were celebrating our seven year anniversary down south and he popped the question while we were playing Scrabble in our PJs. I am beyond excited and still can’t wipe the Cheshire cat grin off my face. You can see a picture of my ring below, it’s bloody magnificent and he chose it completely on his own. Considering I’m so particular about what I wear, I’m very impressed that Luke was brave enough to choose something without consulting me, thrilled as well… obviously!

So any way this has been my life recently…

Eating: Way too much bread, but I just love it SO much!
Drinking: Champagne darling… people keep wanting to toast our engagement, I’m certainly not complaining
Wearing: Faux fur
Buying: fun socks
Dreaming: of all things wedding related, YAY!
Avoiding: the rain, winter has started in Perth and my suede shoes are not happy about it
Watching: Game of Thrones
Reading: English gossip mags (boy do I love a ‘celeb living in a sprawling estate’ photo shoot)

Aside for all the above I’ve mostly be basking in the glow of my engagement, it’s so nice! The main questions I’ve been getting are people wanting to know when we’ll get married (hopefully end of 2017) and will I wear a second hand dress (um, duh!). Although I’ve never been a girl who’s dreamt of their wedding since childhood, it is nice to now have permission to think about it and plan. I’m really excited to start trawling through wedding blogs and going mad on Pinterest. Let the fun begin hey!

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Winter Woolies

Will you take a look at my boots?! I was window shopping in David Jones the other day when I stumbled across all the beautiful Stuart Weitzman shoes, I hastily backed away when I noticed the $1000+ price tag attached to some of the boots. I had a quick look on eBay to see if there happened to be any thigh high SW boots in my size, lo and behold I found this pair for under $100 and in perfect condition. I’m honestly still beside myself with glee. They are EXACTLY what I was hoping to find and I just can’t believe my luck. 

The whole outfit came with me on a weekend down south recently. Perfect for traipsing around wineries and keeping cosy but stylish at the same time.

Skirt: Save the Children Subiaco $4
Jumper: Claremont Vinnies $7
Sunglasses: Karen Walker, eBay
Boots: Stuart Wietzman, eBay
Socks: Bonds

Friday 13 May 2016

Bindaring Sale - Outfit Four

Happy Friday!!!! Or as I shall call it… Bindaring Red Cross Sale-eve. Do you have a game plan ready for tomorrow? Are you going to queue up at 7am or swan in at midday confident of still finding the bargains? I gotta say that even though the atmosphere of arriving early and racing in as the doors open is fun, I think this year I’ll hang back a bit and avoid the crazy morning rush. There is just so much stock, which has been lovingly sorted and curated by the eagle-eyed volunteers that you are sure to find something fab regardless of when you arrive (although do get there before it closes at 3pm!).

My final Bindaring outfit is my ultimate weekend look. I just love these floaty vintage peasanty blouses which are all the rage right now. This top was the first thing I grabbed when I had my sneak peak of the Sale stock, the embroidery and detailing is just so pretty. Worn with a classic denim button down skirt, some comfy sandals and a hat, this is basically my dream ‘off-duty’ look.

Every outfit I’ve posted this week (see them here, here and here) will be available to buy tomorrow at the Sale, plus like a million more things. If you’ve forgotten the Sale details you find all the important info HERE. Please tag me and @Bindaring in your insta posts so I can check out all the goodies you find, because I’ve no doubt it will be epic!

Top: 4 Love And Liberty
Skirt: Portmans
Sandals: 2 Baia Vista
Bag: Zara
Hat: Equip 

Sunnies and scarf are my own

Thursday 12 May 2016

Bindaring Sale - Outfit Three

Hello! I’m sharing my third Bindaring outfit today, wearing top-to-toe items from the Bindaring Red Cross sale which is happening this Saturday! (See here for all the details).

While I was rummaging about in the Sale stock last week I grabbed a couple of fool-proof items to have as back up just in case any of my other planned looks didn’t work. What I didn’t realise was that these items accidentally made a super cute outfit all on their own! Stripes, boots and a cosy knit, you can’t go wrong!

This Viktoria + Woods sleeveless knit is really the star of the show. It’s super on-trend and perfect for layering up in Autumn when you just have no idea what the Perth weather will be doing. I did a quick Google and found that Viktoria + Woods knits retail for around $300… this one will be for sale in the Op Shop section on Saturday for less than $10! How awesome is that?!

Each of these pieces are wardrobe classics that can be worn in countless ways. Op shopping isn’t just about finding those one-off ‘crazy’ unique items, you can find some seriously great basics as well. The Bindaring Sale is full of them!

Skirt: French Connection
Knit: Viktoria + Woods
Boots: Zara
Bag: Vintage

Jacket and sunnies are my own, everything else will be for sale at the Bindaring Sale on Saturday. 

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Bindaring Sale - Outfit Two

I thought I’d kick off Tuesday with a glamorous bang. This vintage silk skirt is SO AMAZING! They just don’t make things like this any more. The colour is divine and worn with a simple lace top and some sleek accessories, it’s the perfect statement outfit for a special event. Or you could totally wear this skirt with a comfy T, converse and a denim jacket for a casual look.

I think people tend to avoid these OTT vintage items because they don’t know how to wear them, but styled in the right way they can be super versatile. So if you spot an amazing vintage piece at the Sale on Saturday, don’t write it off as being ‘not your thing', take it home and try it out, for less than $10 it’s totally worth the gamble!

Are you getting pumped for the Bindaring Sale this Saturday? In case you forgot (or have no idea what I’m talking about) check out all the details here. All the outfits I’m sharing on the Blog this week will be available to buy at the Sale. That being said it can be pretty manic and there's literally thousands of items of clothing, so you might not find these exact pieces but you’ll for sure get a bargain. Last year I came out with a Vivienne Westwood shirt dress, a couple of vintage pieces and some fabulous suede shoes and only spent $30!

Skirt: Vintage
Top: Vintage
Clutch: Vintage
Shoes: Diavolina

Sunnies and earrings are my own, but everything else will be available to buy at the Bindaring Red Cross Sale!

Monday 9 May 2016

Bindaring Sale - Outfit One

I was lucky enough to have a sneak peak at the Bindaring Sale stock last week. I went in on my lunch break for a quick rummage to pull some looks together to share on the blog. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for you, I returned everything once I’d shot the images, so it will all be for sale on Saturday!

Now let me tell you, I could have put together endless outfits, their sale stock is just so amazing. I was looking exclusively in the 'Op Shop’ section, which means everything is $10 or less (mostly less). I saw almost every high street label represented (Country Road, Witchery, Zara, Sportsgirl, Cue, Forever New, Alannah Hill, Gorman the list goes on and on!) plus loads of vintage and designer pieces. You are guaranteed to find at least one gem, I promise you.

On to the outfit, this first look is a casual one and something I would definitely wear for a weekend lunch or relaxed dinner. The knit wrap/poncho thing is what grabbed me, I saw it from the other end of Robinson Pavilion (which is MASSIVE) and basically sprinted to it. You could wear this over the top of anything and it would be fabulous, but paired with some exceptional vintage Dolce & Gabbana jeans, a classic striped T and some gorgeous Zara boots, this outfit is superb (if I do say so my self!)

Jeans: Dolce & Gabbana
Knit: Eb and Ive
Boots: Zara

The sunnies are my own, but everything else is available to buy at the Bindaring Sale!