Wednesday 29 April 2015

Designer on the Cheap

I’m going to take a wild stab in the dark here and guess that most of my readers (myself included) can’t afford to be dripping in Celine and Givenchy or touting a Chanel 2.55 in a different colour every day. I sometimes read style blogs and am totally baffled by how some of these young 20-something girls can have SO MANY DIFFERENT designer hand bags and shoes. Those things cost like $2k a pop, and these girls seemingly have a walk in wardrobe overflowing with them. I don’t understand!

Anyway, even though I don’t have the budget for some Valentino Rockstuds, it doesn’t mean I don’t lust over those beautiful things. I love a little bit of designer glam in my life just like the next girl. So I thought I’d share with you my secret for scoring designer goodies at a reasonable price…

If you go op shopping as often as I do you are bound to come across designer treats every now and again. Over the years I’ve amassed a great collection of YSL knits, a Bottega Venetta tote bag, Bally and Celine shoes, a Prada purse and even a Chanel necklace (the gold chained beauty I’m wearing), but they are few and far between. If you want some guaranteed designer action then eBay is the place to go. This is where I get all of my sunglasses from and most of my shoes, you can find some seriously great stuff for a fraction of the price (plus YAY recycling!). I guess it’s not quite the same as waltzing into Gucci on King street and picking yourself up a little treat, but that reality is SO far away for me that it’s not something I’d ever dwell on, plus even if I had the cash to splash I’m not sure I would (surely a holiday is better than a $5000 it-bag?). But if you still need to quench that designer thirst here are my top tips for trawling for treasure on eBay…

Search regularly for your favourite brands. I plug in Karen Walker, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney, Acne, Marni and Kate Spade fairly often to see what comes up.

If you are after a specific item then you can save the search and eBay will alert you when/if something matching your request is posted (I’ve done this for blue suede Acne pistol boots in a 41… just in case anyone has some that they’d like to pass on, hehe).

Search for Auction Only items, this will filter out most of the fake designer junk that is made in China and sold at a set (albeit very low) price.

Don’t be afraid of international items. The postage is more expensive but the US and UK eBay sites have a larger range of designer items up for auction.

Before you bid on an item ALWAYS check the seller’s feedback to make sure they are reliable.

So there you have it. Next time you feel like splurging I strongly suggest you check out eBay first! (and be sure to show me what you find on insta! @inthedressupbox). Also what do you think of my entirely second hand designer outfit? Not bad for a grand total of $112 right?!

Shirt: Equipment, Save the Children Mosman Park $15
Skirt: Armani, Vinnies Osborne Park $6
Necklace: Chanel, Melville Markets $5
Shoes: J Crew, eBay $34
Sunglasses: Karen Walker, eBay $52

Wednesday 22 April 2015


Guys! The most exciting thing EVER happened the other day… I returned home from my Bali trip to find a package waiting for me from Amorosa Accessories, they sent me a couple of items from their shop to try out. How nice is that?! I’ve been blogging for almost two years and this is the first time I have ever been sent something for free. The items they chose for me suit my style perfectly and I’m so flattered that the lovely ladies at Amorosa thought I might like them.

While I do most of my shopping in op shops, splurging on accessories is a bit of a weakness (have you seen my sunnies collection?), luckily for me (and you!) all of the items at Amorosa are budget friendly and also great quality. I have to admit before Amorosa contacted me I hadn't heard of them, but I've been so impressed to learn that all of their jewellery is fairly made from natural products. Supporting local Perth businesses who are passionate about sustainable design and fashion is really important so I'm thrilled to be able to do my bit (especially when it's as easy as wearing some fab accessories!)

These colourful chunky necklaces and AMAZING embroidered clutch were just the things I needed to dress up my plain black tube dress. Seriously, who needs expensive clothes when all it takes are a few bright accessories to make a $1 dress look a million bucks?

Necklaces: Amorosa c/o
Clutch: Amorosa c/o
Dress: Good Sammies Fremantle $1
Coat: Save the Children South Fremantle $7
Shoes: Marni via eBay

P.S for those who aren't in the know, c/o = care of, it means the items were given to me for free (how awesome!) but I promise I'll only wear and share things on the blog that I actually really like and would buy for myself. 

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Life Recently

April has been an exhilarating, exhausting and emotional month. I went on holiday, moved house and fell in to a pit of despair when my beloved dog died. When something shitty happens it’s so easy to fall into a hole and feel sorry for yourself. A good cry is healthy but as cliché as it sounds, you really do need to focus on all the positive things just carry on. When I made a list of pros and cons in my life, my pros faaaarrrrr outweigh the cons. Even though some months aren’t as great as others, I’m a pretty lucky lady and I just needed to remember it.

This month I’ve been…

Eating Easter eggs, I’ve got a seemingly bottomless stash to eat my way through
Drinking Water, water and more water!
Cooking not much, Luke and I have moved in with my parents until our house is ready in June, so I’m thoroughly enjoying some home cooked meals ala Mum!
Watching Game of Thrones, I also re-read the relevant book to remind myself what I’m in for this season, so much is going to happen (but my lips are sealed, you’ll get no spoilers from me)
Reading Roxy Jacenko’s books, I churned through The Rumor Mill and The Spotlight while in Bali, and I’m not sure I liked them. The main character was pretty awful and the writing wasn’t particularly great, but they were easy to read hence I got through 2 in 5 days. Has anyone else read her books? I’d be interested to know what you think.
Buying NOTHING! I did not buy one single thing while I was on holiday in Bali, I was tempted a few times, but didn’t want to break my Buy Nothing New pledge so I resisted (I’m very impressed with myself)
Wearing COATS! It’s finally cold enough to bring out my trench, leopard, leather and wool coats. I’m beyond happy!
Avoiding buying more coats. I have enough but I’m constantly finding more, I need to physically stop myself trying them on because I’m too weak to resist once I know they fit.
Browsing for flared jeans, I’m desperate for a pair but don’t want to break my shopping ban, so I’ve been madly scanning the denim racks in every op shop I come across.
Dreaming of colourful home wares and bright art and vintage side boards, my new house to nearly finished and I’m so excited to decorate and style it up!

And finally I’m hanging out for the Bindaring Red Cross Sale on the 16th of May, I can’t wait to get my hands on their fabulous vintage and designer haul!


Thursday 16 April 2015

Packing Up and Moving Out

Luke and I are moving house this weekend. Our fabulous Fremantle apartment is no more, it’s very sad. We are temporarily moving to my folks house while our own home is being completed. It’s very bitter sweet, while I am SO excited to move into my own home in June, leaving our amazing Freo digs is super hard. We have lived here with our great friends for two years, and as much as the parking situation is a nightmare and sharing a small fridge between four people who love their wine is tricky, I’m going to miss it so much. Luckily my parents’ house is beautiful and has more than enough room for Luke and I, plus I’m thrilled I’ll be living with my beloved family dog again (and of course the rest of my family).

I packed up my wardrobe on Tuesday night, leaving out only my volleyball gear and a few work outfits to get me through the rest of the week. This was a bit silly as no sooner had I jammed everything into the back of my car that I realised I hadn’t done an outfit post for ages and I know I definitely won’t have time over the weekend. So this outfit was my only option to share because the other pre-planned looks have already been on the blog (here, here and here, see I do wear things more then once!)

I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear that I’m THRILLED it’s finally cold enough to bring out my blazers and coats. This top I’m wearing is sleeveless and I was actually quite cold while shooting these pictures, I really needed to wear a coat as well as a blazer. Man, I love Autumn!

Top: Salvos Mt Hawthorne $4
Jacket: Salvos Mt Hawthorne $7
Skirt: Hand-me-down
Shoes: Asos
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Tuesday 14 April 2015

Will You Be Mine?

I’m baaaaack! After a week of swanning around Bali in a variety of kaftans, I’m back into the grind of things, which means outfit posts! But first I have some super exciting news for you… I’ve been asked to be a Style Ambassador for the Bindaring Red Cross Sale!! If you’re not familiar with the Bindaring Sale, then prepare to get excited. It’s a massive garage sale/op shop held at the Claremont Show grounds!! The sale is split into four different sections with a designer Boutique, vintage Emporium, Op Shop section (with everything under $10) and a Fill a Bag for $1 area (I’m particularly excited about that last one!). 

The sale kicks off at 9am on Saturday the 16th of May, but people have been known to start queueing from 6am because it’s just THAT GOOD. All of the money raised from the sale goes towards the Australian Red Cross and the fabulous work they do in the community. If you followed me during my Restyle adventure, where I shopped exclusively at Red Cross stores, you’ll know that they have some amazing things. Plus the volunteers who put together the Bindaring Red Cross Sale source donations from designer boutiques and high end brands all across Australia, so you know there is going to be some amazing treasures to be found.

In the lead up to the Bindaring Sale I’ll be sharing some sneak peaks of items you’ll be able to purchase for yourself, so keep an eye on the blog, follow @Bindaring on insta and mark May the 16th in your diary because it’s going to be AWESOME!

All of the pictures in this post are from my Restyle challenge and all are made up of items bought from Red Cross op shops (I told you they have great stuff!!)

PS check out the #WillYouBeMine campaign on insta, it'll get your mouth watering with all the designer goodies being brought in for the sale!

Tuesday 7 April 2015

Cherries and Spots

Well hello there! I'm currently sunning myself in Bali, but to tide you over until I return here's a quick outfit shoot I did last week. My outfit shoots fall into two categories, either they are planned outfits which I have worn in the past and know I want to share on the blog. Or it's a spontaneous photo shoot when I have time and am wearing something interesting. These photos fall into the latter (and more uncommon) category.

I happened to have 15 minutes up my sleeve before going to work the other day so I nipped out side and quickly snapped my outfit. And I'm so glad I did, this outfit is REALLY cute (if I do say so myself!). 

I picked up this cherry cardi in the middle of summer and have been patiently waiting to wear it. Same goes for these excellent red boots which I bought at the end of last winter when I was in Melbourne. I wore these boots all day without socks on and didn't even get a blister, they must be some kind of miracle shoes! 

As I was taking these pictures my camera remote broke which means no more blog photos. I'm so dependent on that thing! I have ordered a few more so hopefully by the time I return from Bali they would have arrived and I can share some more outfits with you, I have some great ones planned!

Dress: St Lukes op shop $10
Cardigan: Salvos Mt Hawthorne $3.50
Belt: Op Shop
Boots: Random boutique in Melbourne
Sunglasses: Karen Walker Number Two

Pop over to my instagram (@inthedressupbox) to see my Bali vacay snaps 

Thursday 2 April 2015

Boot Season

Well hello there! Long time no see! Sorry about my brief break from blogging, I was struck down by a nasty virus and have been confined to my bedroom for god knows how long. I am SO relieved to be back in action and wearing something other than my ratty old PJs.

Before the dreaded virus struck I spent a day packing boxes and shuffling furniture around in preparation for our big house move in a few weeks (sad face). I was wearing gym clothes and sneakers for most of the day and maannnnnnn did it feel good. I forgot how it feels to wear shoes that don’t rub, pinch, ache, hurt or mutilate my feet in some way. Even my most comfortable ballet flats still give me little blisters on my toes if I walk too far in them, so wearing proper supportive running shoes with nice thick socks all day was absolute heaven. I tried to explain this to my male housemate and he just looked at me like I was a crazy person and asked why I would ever suffer wearing painful shoes…. Ummm I because the comfy ones don’t look as pretty?

This is one of the reasons I’m so pleased the weather has finally cooled down... it’s appropriate to wear boots again! These leather and suede ankle boots aren’t quite as comfy as my Nikes, but they are pretty close, plus I can coordinate my socks with my outfit which is pretty exciting.

Dress: Vinnies Claremont $12
Hat: Op Shop
Boots: Asos
Necklace: Good Sammies Myaree $2
Cuff: Opportunity Knocks $4