Monday 27 June 2016

Life Recently

OK so I think it’s safe to say that June 2016 has been a KILLER month. In the best possible way! So many big things have been happening, I feel like in four weeks I’ve suddenly become a grown up (and at 28 years old it’s probably about time). I find myself driving to work every morning with a stupid grin on my face as I think about all the wonderful things that are falling in to place. I know this is all a bit soppy, but dang as if I’m not going to savour every single moment!

So aside from feeling all gooey inside, here’s what else I’ve been up to:

Eating: a lot… probably should calm down a little on the carb consumption
Drinking: mucho coffee!
Wearing: a lot of colour to combat the exceptionally cold winter mornings
Buying: a vintage peacock chair! After a very arduous search I finally found one on gumtree that didn’t cost the Earth
Dreaming: of EVERYTHING. Engagement party, decorating, wedding, travel… ahhh!
Avoiding: paperwork, my life admin is getting a little out of control
Watching: Always Sunny in Philadelphia, my current go-to for good giggle
Reading: nothing right now… binge-scrolling through Pinterest probs doesn’t count right?
Doing: lots of fun puppy walks, Blue is obsessed with leaping and racing through the bush so I'm on the hunt for dog friendly bush walking tracks, Noble Falls is one of our favs!

Aside from all the awesome stuff, my baby brother has skipped town and moved to London. It’s so exciting for him, but very bittersweet for me. He’s one of my favourite people in the whole world so while I’m super pumped he’s finally having a Big Adventure, I selfishly wish he’d stuck around Perth just a little longer (or you know, forever).  

If it’s even possible July and August are going to be just as fun as June. We’re weekending down south, celebrating our engagement with a big party, camping up north, swimming with whale sharks (!!!!) and sneaking off for a girl’s trip to Bali. Sounds great right?!

P.S The last image on the right is an epic aerial shot of Shark Bay by the guys at Salty Wings, I desperately want one of their prints to hang in my house (hint hint anyone who needs to buy me a present!) 

Thursday 23 June 2016


As I was shooting these pictures I realised that this outfit is a winter version of this one… all 
the same elements, just in a slightly cosier style! I love having versatile items in my wardrobe which can be worn from summer to winter. All my cotton skirts and vintage sundresses get the winter treatment by simply adding tights, boots, cardigans and jackets.

This winter I’ve also been loving layering up collared shirts with thin woollen jumpers. It’s a super preppy look which I’m totally into right now. My top tip is to look for crew and V neck sweaters in the men’s section of op shops, I’ve managed to find a whole bunch in different colours and all 100% wool so they are lovely to wear.

Jumper: Country Road, Vinnes Claremont $7
Shirt: Sportscraft, Salvos Freo $2
Brooch: Good Sammies Freo $1
Skirt: Salvos Subiaco $13
Shoes: Wittner
Sunglasses: Pared Eyeware

P.S girl is looking paaaaaaasty!!! I think it's time to bring out the fake tan EEK!

Monday 20 June 2016

Home Sweet Home

I finally got my act together and snapped some pictures of my house while it was spick and span and looking delightful! I’m excited to be able to share a few corners of our little unit, because I had such fun decorating and styling it up. We moved in about 8 months ago after living with my parents for 6 months and before that with some friends for a few years. We had no furniture and hardly any homewares, so the race was on to quickly and cheaply turn our sterile little unit into a cosy and functional home. And boy do I love a challenge!

Within about 4 weeks of moving in I had furnished the whole house. Gumtree quickly became my favourite place to score bargains and we picked up some awesome things for next to nothing, like our mid-century drinks cabinet, green velvet arm chair, spare bed and a variety of shelves and cabinets. I found a few gems in op shops as well, like our solid jarrah coffee table for $20 and our perfect matching bedside tables. I found op shops the best for decorative bits and pieces. Almost all of our art was thrifted and I found countless colourful vases, candle sticks, lamps, throws and pillows to add a personal touch to the place.

Like almost every 20-something I fell back on Ikea, Target and Kmart when I couldn’t find what I wanted second hand. I tried really hard to make sure the cheap and cheerful new items are spread out amongst all the vintage and thrifted stuff, I desperately don’t want my house to look like a floor display at Kmart (as great as they are!).

Our unit has boring grey speckled tiles which I really don’t like, so I was very keen to cover as much of it up with great rugs. Turns our great rugs are EXPENSIVE! I didn’t realise they were so pricey until I started shopping and was so disappointed with how hard it was to find nice ones at vaguely affordable prices. This one is from Freedom and at $350 it was my biggest splurge but definitely worth it. 

Last but not least will you check out that magnificent table!! Luke made it! He salvaged some beautiful jarrah off cuts from his work and managed to build this table over a weekend. The base is made from galvanised steel pipes from Bunnings (my idea!) and the whole project cost about $150 in total. It’s my favourite thing in the whole house and makes our place look so fancy.

Sorry this is a bit of an essay, but I’m so excited to finally share my little home on the blog. If you have any questions about anything in particular please let me know! All I can say is that if you’re moving house or looking to re-decorate a space then DEFINITELY hit up your local op shop first, you can save some serious money!

Friday 3 June 2016


This photo was captured a few hours before Luke proposed. We were having the best day and at this moment I had no idea how much better things were going to get.

The last few weeks have been pretty insane. Having this bearded beauty next to me every day just makes these new adventures all the more fun.  

Dress: Vintage, Save the Children Subiaco $4
Jacket: Levis, Salvos Myaree $15