Friday, 14 August 2015


If I told you I was wearing tartan, leather and lace to work today you’d probably picture a punk-inspired outfit right? Well I have to say that this prim and proper look is about as close to punk as I ever get. The prompt for today is tartan, which suits me perfectly because this tartan pencil skirt is on high rotation in my wardrobe. 

Tartan, like spots/stripes/leopard, is just one of those prints which seems to mix well with so many others. I have a seemingly endless supply of outfit combos which involve this skirt, which is perfect because it’s slightly too big and hence suuuuuper comfy!

My entire outfit today is op-shopped which is always very exciting. Wearing and shopping second hand has just become second nature to me, so I’m always surprised when I hear a person say they’ve never tried it. All I can really say is DO IT!!! (and then show me what you find!). 

What Tartan outfit did you wear for Restyle day 5?

Skirt: Good Sammies Osborne Park $5
Shoes: Wittner, Salvos O’Connor $15
Belt: St Luke’s op shop $3
Lace shirt: Op shop
Leather top: Thrift store in Amsterdam


  1. Agree, it's pretty rare I'm wearing an outfit that doesn't include at least one op-shopped/traded/second-hand item!

    1. I know, I always feel like I've got this awesome secret when I'm wearing a fully op shopped outfit... although it's not much of a secret as I brag about it to any one who will listen! haha!