Monday, 17 August 2015

Pencil Skirt

I have 14 pencil skirts in my wardrobe and every single one of them is from an op shop, so today’s challenge was always going to be easy peasy. It’s just a matter of which pencil skirt to share? I’ve already posted quite a few on the blog (here, here and here), because they are my go-to for work wear. This is a pretty standard work outfit for me, a stretchy pencil skirt, a cool blouse and some fancy jewellery/shoes to jazz it up a bit. 


I'd been searching for a red stretchy pencil skirt for a while in op shops, but could never quite find one that fit. I got desperate in the end and purchased this one which was a size 20, luckily all it needed was an extra seam at the back to take it in about 6 sizes and now it fits really well. These stretchy pencil skirts are sooooo good for the office, they are just so comfy! 

Also we can't ignore my epic cape blouse, it makes me feel like an angel or something, ready to float away. It's basically a plain white shirt with some serious sleeves attached, which take this rather standard outfit from average to exciting. Just what I'm after, I love wearing statement pieces to work!

Skirt: Good Sammies Myaree $5
Top: St Lukes Op shop $6
Shoes: Melissa x Vivienne Westwood, eBay
Necklace: Lovisa

P.S This is my 300th blog post! That’s roughly 60,000 words about op shopping, personal style and any other random fluff that floats across my mind as I sit typing into the wee hours of the night. HUZZAH! Thanks for reading my lovely friends!


  1. Congrats with the 300th post :) you have a truly great blog

    1. Thank you SO MUCH Gabrielle! I really appreciate all of your comments and feedback and support, it brightens my day :) xx Hannah