Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Black on Black

I very rarely leave the house in head to toe black, so I was actually excited about today’s prompt and the prospect of rocking a bit of black on black. I had another outfit planned for today but I changed my mind at the last moment when I picked up this amazing fringed dress at the Melville Markets on Sunday. I just had to wear it immediately. With its lace up neck and tasselled hem, it’s very ‘on-trend’ but that’s fine by me. I’ll style it in summer with a bikini, straw hat and sandals and in winter I’ll wear it just as I am now with my leather jacket and boots.

The issue I normally have with all black outfits is that they can be a bit boring. Classic and slimming and chic yes, but still boring. I want my outfits to pop out from a crowd and doing that in all black is hard! So making sure the black items you are wearing have a bit of detail is important (at least it is to me!). The fringing on this dress plus the metal details on my jacket add a bit of interest to a fully monochrome look. I also can’t leave the house without a hat and sunnies at the moment (my re-growth is soooo bad!).

I feel very rock’n’roll in this outfit, which is quite a departure to my usual style, but it sure was fun to try on a different persona for a day! How did you style your Black on Black outfit? Is all-black a look you wear regularly, or are you like me and think the brighter the better?

Dress: Melville Markets $10
Jacket: Wittner
Hat: Vintage, eBay
Sunglasses: Miu Miu, eBay
Boots: Tony Bianco 


  1. Three of us doing the Restyle Challenge today met for lunch and we looked like we'd just come from a wake - a fabulously classy one obvs but still, it was funny!

    1. hehe I bet you three were the most stylish people there!