Thursday, 20 August 2015

Polka Dots

You may have noticed I’ve only been blogging my Restyle outfit’s for every second prompt. Purely because doing every single day is SUPER hard work and with my holiday at the end of July I just didn’t have time. So according to my blog post schedule I wasn’t meant to post an outfit for today’s style prompt, Polka Dots, but I just couldn’t resist. Polka Dots are my absolute favourite print. My wardrobe is full of them in all sizes and colour combos. The traditional black and white polka print is probably my favourite, which brings me to the other reason I decided to post on outfit for today….

SPOTTY CULOTTE JUMP SUIT. I mean… have you ever seen anything more magnificent in your life?! I found this miraculous piece of clothing in the Save the Children op shop in Subiaco while having a sneaky lunch time browse. I almost collapsed in excitement when I pulled it off the rack and saw it was vintage Katies and in my size. It originally had puffy 80s elbow length sleeves, which dated it a bit too much, so I chopped them off, added some darts and TA DA! I have a new favourite thing.

Because it’s now sleeveless it’s going to be my go-to outfit in Summer. I still can’t get over how amazing it is. Even with a wardrobe full of beautiful thrifted clothes, I still get SO excited when I come across amazing stuff while op shopping. Op shops are full of polka dots (which my wardrobe is a testament to) so I bet lots of people found great pieces for today’s prompt. If you did, tag me on insta and show me what you found (@inthedressupbox).

Jumpsuit: Save the Children Subiaco $7
Hat: Vintage, eBay
Sunglasses: Prada
Shoes: Chloe, eBay 


  1. Love this look. Culottes and Jumpsuits, two of my favorite things!

    1. Thanks Melissa! Me too!! I couldn't believe it when I found one item of clothing which encompasses so many of my favourite things!