Monday, 23 December 2013

Should-Be Christmas Party Outfit

I’m sorry about the lack of posts over the weekend, I was seriously busy! Aren’t we all at this time of year though? This is what I had planned to wear to my surf club Christmas party on Friday night. The theme was bright and colourful and I had this outfit in mind for about a week. At the very last moment before I walked out the door I changed my top and I so regret it now! 

Don’t you just hate that?! I was worried this knit top would be too warm so I changed to a halter neck and it just didn’t look as good, I felt uncomfortable all night. I’m definitely not someone who can easily throw together an outfit, I need to think about it and try it on and consider my options before I walk out the door. So why, oh why did I make a quick switcheroo seconds before heading out the door?! I think Christmas is frazzling my brain!

I still really love this outfit, so I’m definitely going to have to wear it out of the house sometime soon. My skirt and belt are both from an op shop, this skirt is one of my favourites, the colour is just so awesome and it’s great for spinning and dancing! My liquorish all-sorts knit top was given to me by my mum, it’s from French Connection. My shoes are Melissa and my jelly clutch is from a random shop in Bali.

Possibly my favourite part of this outfit is my amazing Kate Spade ring. Luckily I left this on before heading out on Friday! This gorgeous ring was a gift from my old boss, I think I admired it on her one to many times and she eventually gave in and gifted it to me. Success!

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