Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Morning

I forgot to ask in my post yesterday, how was your Christmas?? After such a big lead up to it, mine was suitably subdued but wonderful. I spent the day with my favourite people, being spoilt, eating too much, swimming, laughing, sleeping. It was awesome! How many days until next Christmas?! 

This is my outfit from Christmas morning. We went to have morning tea with some family friends. I was very excited to wear this outfit as I had been planning it and saving it for this special day. I picked up this skirt at the Salvos store in Fremantle a few weeks ago for $14. A bit pricey for me, but I couldn't walk away from the little bobbles on the hem. So cute! 

The red and white stripe are perfect for a Christmas themed outfit. I was tempted to go totally red and white and wear my little white shirt, but decided to break it up with my op-shopped DKNY tie up top instead. A good move I think! This outfit looks a little bit country bumpkin/line dancing-esk to me and I like it! I just need some cow boy boots!

My brooch has featured quite a bit in the last week, it's hand made fimo. My shoes were gifts that morning! Spotty Havianas with red straps! I don't wear thongs off the beach very often, but these are the perfect colour/pattern combo for me! Santa knows me well! 

Fifteen minutes after I took these photos I proceeded to stuff my face with caramel slice and fruit mince pies. I hope your Christmas morning was a blissful as mine!

PS. Excuse my rather uninspiring hair. I bought my brother an amazing pool toy for Christmas so I didn't bother washing it for Christmas morning because I knew I'd be jumping in the chlorine all afternoon.

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