Tuesday, 24 December 2013

December Babies

I love December! There are so many things to celebrate! Aside from the obvious Christmas and New Years festivities, my Mum, Aunt and Uncle are all born within a week of Christmas, so there is always a party to attend and cake to eat. Mum’s birthday was Sunday and I had such a great time celebrating with her. 

It was kind of nice to forget about Christmas just for one day and focus all my celebratory energy on my lovely (well-deserving!) Mum. So my outfit from Sunday was decidedly non-Christmasy in her birthday honour. We went out for breakfast in Fremantle so start with, and it was seriously delicious. Like the best breakfast I’ve had in a long time. If you are a Freo person, or feel like making the trek, I would definitely recommend Moore & Moore on Henry street.

I wore this white and green A-line skirt which I bought a few years back at an op-shop in Queensland. It’s the most fabulous fabric and colour. I have a green top that matches it perfectly, but I went with my little white tie up shirt on Sunday. Another tie up shirt and skirt combo… I think I’m a bit obsessed.

My scarf is the newest in my scarf collection, it cost $3 from my favourite Mosman Park op shop, it’s silk and has a really great pattern on it. I love adding new colours and patterns to my scarf collection! This one has bits of yellow in it, but I really want (need) a super bright yellow one (a green one would also be good!). My eyes are peeled every time I walk in to an op shop. 

To finish off my non-Christmasy outfit I wore my new vintage-look brooch. I bought this brooch in Bali of all places. Who would have thought that Bali would be such a haven for amazing brooches? It really took me by surprise, but I saw them everywhere when I was out shopping a few weeks ago. This one cost me about $5 and it’s really lovely. My brooch collection is definitely growing larger, I put ‘vintage brooches’ on my Christmas list so I hope Santa stops by the Salvos to pick one up for me! 

P.S You can see my dog's bum in one of the photos above, she wouldn't leave me alone when I was taking these pictures, she's clearly dying to be featured on the blog!

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