Friday, 6 December 2013

Red Leather Yellow Leather

Check out my awesome jumping shot! Every time I take outfit photos I always try to get a jumping picture, but they never work out. I’m either pulling a weird face or my hair is flipping the wrong way or my skirt lifts up and my knickers are on display. I can never get them quite right, so I was VERY EXCITED to see this jumping shot actually looks good! Hooray! 

I’ve been blogging now for just over 3 months and I’m really loving it. The other day I reached 5000 page views! I’m not really sure if that’s a lot in the world of blogging, but I was pretty chuffed regardless. Even in the short time I’ve been blogging I can see a big difference in my writing and photography skills. I’m slowly learning the best ways to pose, what back drops look the best and which lighting is most flattering. Baby steps, but it’s definitely an improvement from my first few posts!

I take all my outfit photos myself with a tripod and remote, which can be pretty embarrassing, especially when there are other people around. I tend to take my photos early in the morning because the light is best and there aren’t as many spectators. As I was taking these pictures the staff from a café just around the corner from this wall started noticing what I was doing and eventually came and asked what was going on. I felt like such an idiot hamming it up in front of my camera while a whole bunch of chefs and waitresses peered at me from behind a wall. 

On to my outfit! I’m wearing a red leather skirt which I bought about a year ago for $10 from an op shop and have only worn one other time. I have no idea why because it’s an awesome skirt and I can think of at least 20 other ways to style it. My top was $3 from the Melville markets, the girl who sold it to me said it was her mums top and she didn’t think anyone would buy it. Nice. Anyway I like this easy combination, the flowy blouse takes the edge off the leather skirt and my black wedges tie it all together. My hat is also op shopped, it’s hiding my dirty hair!  

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