Thursday, 3 July 2014

Restyle Photo-A-Day Challenge for Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

Happy Thursday! I am thrilled to FINALLY announce that I have been chosen to be part of the Restyle Photo-A-Day Challenge for the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival (TPFF)! I am SO ridiculously excited to be part of this fantastic project .

The Restyle Photo-A-Day Challenge will be happening from August 1-31, each day there will be a different style prompt to inspire you to hit the op shops and put together a fantastic outfit. I am well and truly obsessed with op shopping and am proud to have a wardrobe that’s almost completely second hand. Hitting the op shops  is a wonderful way to find awesome clothing (that no one else will have), contribute to a worthy cause and it’s a great sustainable way to shop! So everyone wins!

Every day in August I will be blogging about my op-shopped outfits and hopefully inspiring you to put together your own Restyled look. There are seven other Restyle bloggers who will also be posting about their op shopped outfits, I am so excited to see what every one comes up with! We have all been partnered with a different charity and I am lucky enough to be paired up with The Australian Red Cross! Over the next two months I’ll be filling you in about all the excellent work the Australian Red Cross does (and how amazing their op shops are!).

I could honestly blab on about Restyle for pages and pages because it’s just so exciting, but I’ll leave you with some behind the scenes pictures from our photo-shoot a few weeks ago (very fancy!).

Shirt: Stylists own
Skirt: Vintage from Berlin
Shoes: Rachel Antonoff
Styling: Claire Mueller
Photography: Shift Creative

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