Thursday, 7 August 2014

Restyle Day 7 - Tailored

Since starting my new job a few months ago I've needed to dress much more professionally than I ever have before. So while I have been hitting the Red Cross op shops searching for my Restyle prompts I have also been keeping an eye out for bits and pieces to add to my corporate wardrobe.

The prompt for today is Tailored. Wearing tailored clothing is not something I have ever thought of much before so I was quite nervous and not sure how to tackle this day. I found these pants at the Australian Red Cross op shop in Hamilton Hill, I grabbed them strait away thinking they would be perfect for work, I wasn't even thinking about using them for Restyle. When I tried them on and darted out of the change room to look in a better mirror, the lady behind the counter said 'Oh don't those pants fit perfectly! It's like they were tailored for you!'. BINGO!

They really do fit perfectly. I've never been much of a pants-wearer, but these ones are truly awesome. This is a very basic look, but when you have two classic well-fitting pieces you really don't need much else, the outfit speaks for itself. A giant flower pin is a great addition to any outfit, obviously.

Pants: Australian Red Cross Hamilton Hill $4
Blouse: Australian Red Cross Hamilton Hill $3
Brooch: Diva
Shoes: Gorman
Sunglasses: Pared Eyeware

P.S Unfortunately the Australian Red Cross op shop in Hamilton Hill has now closed. The closest Red Cross store to that area would be either Willagee or Freo, both of which are fantastic!

Photos by the marvelous Liz from 


  1. $7 for the basis of a beautiful work outfit. Incredible!

  2. Head to toe, I love this look. You should wear these sort of trousers more, they suit you. That blouse was a great find, I tried to get a white shirt/ blouse but didn't have much luck. THOSE shoes! Old or current Gorman? Love. xx Jenelle

    1. Last season but I got them from the Gorman outlet at harbour town not that long ago, pretty sure they are still there :)

  3. Wow! LOVE this outfit Hannah, you look beautiful as always. The trousers are a great find you will get a lot of wear out of them. I love the way you always add a broach too, very chic xxx

  4. So chic!! Agree, you do pants well. x

  5. You look INCREDIBLE. Love everything about this outfit. X