Sunday, 10 August 2014

Restyle Day 10 - Spots and Dots

What's the difference between a spot and a dot? Can someone tell me because Google doesn't have the answer and it's killing me! I think this dress falls in to the 'dotty' category because the dots are small and the pattern irregular... but that could be totally wrong!

Who cares though! Spots/dots are pretty much my favourite pattern ever. I have so many variations of this print in my wardrobe, yet I am constantly buying more. Spots and dots are so classic and clean, they are perfect for mixing with other patterns, particularly when in monochrome like this dress.

Yes this is a dress (a wrap dress to be precise!). It has gone through a bit of a transformation since I bought it home from the Red Cross op shop in Shoalwater. It had long elbow length puffy sleeves which gave it a decidedly 80s look (and not a good 80s look!). I started by altering the dress to have capped sleeves, but the shape still wasn't right, so I removed the the sleeves completely, taking in the arm pits and adding some darts for good measure. None of which matters now because I covered it all up with a t-shirt anyway!

Layering a t-shirt over a dress is not something I've done much of before, but Restyle has well and truly pushed me out of my box so I'm all about trying new things (when it comes to my clothes at least!). 

Dress: Australian Red Cross Shoalwater $10
Scarf (in my hair): Australian Red Cross Willagee $1
Belt: Australian Red Cross Hamilton Hill $2
T-shirt: Op Shop
Shoes: Asos
Sunglasses: Pared

Photos by Valentina


  1. Restyle has pushed me out of my box too. I could not tell this was a dress, very clever. I love these shoes! :) xx Jenelle

    1. thanks Jenelle! This is one of the outfits I re-shot a couple of times, as much as I love the dress as it is, I just couldn't get it right to start with, this outfit is much more 'me'

  2. Looks good. The t-shirt fits over the dress, perfectly!

  3. Love this on you! Tshirt-over-dress is one of my absolute favs, it's seen me wearing cocktail dresses to the most casual of occasions (though truth be told I frequently don the same for actual cocktail events too haha), it's like double the wardrobe! Pops of pink are too cute.

    1. Thanks Claire!! I've now worn a t-shirt over a dress a handful of times and I do love it. Your style is impeccable so if you can do it then so can I! x