Sunday, 31 August 2014

Restyle Day 31 - Outfit to Donate Back

Oh my goodness it’s the last day of Restyle (and winter, woohoo!). The past month has seriously zipped by! I’ll be back tomorrow with a proper run down of my Restyle adventure, so let’s just get down to the matter at hand shall we? The very last style prompt is an Outfit to Donate Back! As any keen op shopper will tell you, it’s very easy to amass a giant collection of clothes VERY quickly when everything costs less than $10. So it’s SO important to donate your unwanted clothes back to the op shops regularly.

I try to operate under the principle; one item in, one item out. This helps me to keep my wardrobe within a reasonable size (my boyfriend may disagree) and ensures I only buy things I REALLY REALLY love. About twice a year I’ll do a thorough cull and drop a few large bags off to my local op shop.

Last weekend I invited some of my girlfriends over for a high tea/clothes swap. We drank champagne and ate cake while rummaging through each other’s cast offs. It was mayhem such a fun afternoon. At the end of the day everyone went home with a few new (old) pieces and I dropped off all of the leftovers to my local Red Cross. In total we donated eight HUGE garbage bags full of good quality clothing, shoes and accessories. Thea and Brenda at the Red Cross op shop in Freo were thrilled and I am so happy that mine and my friends clothes will be going to new loving owners.

This is just one of the many many outfits I donated, if you like it, head to the Red Cross op shop in Freo and try your luck!

Dress: Country Road
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Sunglasses: Asos
Bracelet: Lovisa
Bag: Vintage
Scarf: Vintage

The Australian Red Cross are always in need of good quality clothing, shoes or accessories. These things do no one any good sitting unloved and collecting dust at the back of your wardrobe, donate them to your local op shop so someone else can enjoy them!

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