Saturday, 2 August 2014

Restyle Day 2 - Under $10

Putting together an outfit for $10 isn't too much of a challenge for an op shop connoisseur like myself. From my experience with Australian Red Cross op shops, most of the items are priced between $5 and $10, which is pretty amazing considering the quality of said items. Luckily for me (and you!) I quickly discovered that most of the Red Cross op shops also have a $2 sale rack. I bought quite a few things from the $2 rack for Restyle, all of which are totally awesome and I was so amazed and exited to be able to buy something with only a gold coin!

This skirt was on the $2 rack at the Australian Red Cross op shop in Bentley. I already have a button up denim skirt that I wear all the time, but the denim is too heavy and the length too long to wear in summer. This little beauty will be perfect for when the temperatures creep up and I need to throw on something comfy. This Country Road t-shirt came from the same store, it wasn't on sale but was only marked at $6, which is pretty great and paired with the skirt gives me a whole outfit for less then ten bucks!

This look is exactly what I want to wear every weekend; comfy and casual but still pulled together enough (just in case you run into someone fabulous while getting coffee!). I've owned this leather jacket for awhile now, it's not from a Red Cross store, but is from an op shop and was under $10. Pretty awesome what you can find hey?

Skirt: Australian Red Cross Bentley $2
T-shirt: Australian Red Cross Bentley $6
Jacket: Op Shop
Shoes: Converse

These beautiful photos were taken by my very clever friend Liz from She is a super talented Freo based photographer and shot many of my Restyle looks. Thanks Liz you are amazing! 


  1. Lovely & comfy! Love it!! :))

  2. Totally nailed the cool girl look today, Hannah! x

    1. Thanks Vicki, you can't go wrong with a cute denim skirt! x

  3. Op-shopping at it's finest. Cute and casual. Well done, Hannah :)