Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Restyle Day 13 – Floral

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Putting together a floral outfit from op shopped items is the simplest thing to do. There is a huge variety of floral pieces in all prints, colours, styles and sizes. Whatever style you fancy, you’ll find it in an op shop. This green vintage dress is precisely the kind of thing I always find and buy in op shops. Simple shape, large bright print and a low low price tag!

I prefer a large flower print which only involves a few colours, that’s just my style at the moment. But you can certainly find the smaller floral prints (nineties style!) in almost every Red Cross store I visited.

I love being able to  wear my summer dresses throughout winter as well and this is pretty much my standard off duty look for the colder months. Dress, jacket, boots (and a hat if my hair is mis-behaving). It’s a very easy formula and one I can’t seem to break at the moment!


Dress: Australian Red Cross Hamilton Hill $7.50
Clutch: Garage Sale*
Jacket: Wittner
Boots: Tony Bianco

*Purchased from the beautiful Anna at the Many 6160 blogger garage sale

Photos by the gorgeous Tash

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  1. Such pretty photos. I really like the look with the leather jacket to make it less feminine. Very cool. xx Jenelle