Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Restyle Day 19 – Embellished

I didn’t have a specific item in my mind for today’s prompt, Embellished, just planning to see what I stumbled across while rummaging. I pulled this delightful beaded jumper from a rack at Australian Red Cross Hamilton Hill and knew it would tick my embellished box. These 80s style beaded jumpers are super easy to find in op shops. I’ve owned various incarnations of them over the years but have always struggled to style them (particularly difficult as I’ve never worn pants much before and a big snuggly knit seems to lend itself to a pair of skinny jeans). But in the spirit of Restyle I’m breaking out of my style box and trying new things!

This outfit actually came together when I found this faux-kilt on the $2 rack in Red Cross Shoalwater. It’s 100% wool and fits perfectly, it’s honestly amazing and I found myself thinking for the billionth time… WHO WOULD GIVE THIS AWAY?! (but thank you because now I get to wear it and love it). 

My $2 skirt makes a cosy combo when paired with this embellished jumper. It’s so nice to go out at night in winter in a cute outfit and not totally freeze my butt off. This outfit is SO warm and snuggly, but the beaded embellishments on the jumper and my excellent ankle boots ensure I don’t look frumpy, which is always a challenge in winter!

Jumper: Australian Red Cross Hamilton Hill $4
Skirt: Australian Red Cross Shoalwater $2
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

PS I don’t recommend traipsing through the bush in boots with a 4 inch heel, my weak ankle did not cope well! (but aren’t these pictures fab!?)

Photos by the magnificent Tash


  1. My comments do not always show up it is so frustrating! Haha, but I can imagine the knit you found paired with jeans, cozy. Emailing you today. xx Jenelle

  2. I love that kilt! I found one and was very excited that it was a size 12....then realised it was actually AGE 12....fail.x