Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Restyle Day 26 - Cropped

  Ahhhh cropped, you are a challenging one! The crop top trend is relentless, it’s been around for a while now and doesn’t look to be slowing down. It is a tricky style to master if you aren’t a fan of flashing your stomach (regardless of how flat or lumpy it is). I read somewhere that the only way to pull off a classy cropped top look is to only flash a sliver of upper ab and I have to agree.

When I was searching for a cropped item for this style prompt my check list went like this...

Can you see my belly button?
Do I have a muffin top?
Can I sit down in this and not feel fat?

Of course this list is an entirely personal thing, if you can rock a belly button baring crop top and feel like a million bucks, then you should definitely do it!

This prompt gave me quite the run around, I actually photographed a whole different outfit before deciding it sucked and returning to the Australian Red Cross to find something different. I’m so happy I didn’t settle for my first outfit, because I really love this one! I got this stripey t-shirt from the Red Cross Willagee store and LOVE how versatile it is (I've already worn it for Pastel and Outerwear). The black tube skirt combats the belly button/muffin top issue and my cropped denim vest gives the whole look a casual feel.

I love how Restyle is pushing me out of my box a little bit. It’s so fun to have some fashion parameters to work within that challenge me to be creative with my outfits! Are you enjoying trying new looks?

Top: Australian Red Cross Willagee $6
Vest: Australian Red Cross Mandurah $3
Earrings: Australian Red Cross North Perth $4
Skirt: Cotton On (hand-me-down from a friend)
Boots: Tony Bianco

Photos taken by my beautiful mum! Shes getting quite handy with a camera!

The Restyle Photo-A-Day Challenge is proudly supported by Lotterywest 

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