Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Restyle Day 20 – Animal Print

I love today’s style prompt! I must admit I was a bit worried I wouldn’t find anything I liked in a Red Cross op shop. As much as I love leopard print, I’m terribly fussy about it. The colours have to be perfect, the spots need to be the right size, shape and consistency, and the item of clothing needs to be the correct style. That’s a lot of requirements to consider when rifling through an op shop!

When worn correctly animal print can look extremely stylish, elegant and effortless, but worn incorrectly it can look awfully cheap and tacky (according to me anyway!). I tend to keep animal prints to my accessories rather than my actual clothing, so the challenge was on to find something I loved and wanted to wear.

Turns out I shouldn’t even have worried! This skirt was one of the first things I found for Restyle. It actually started out life as a dress, but after trying it on with various other things I decided that the pattern was too busy for a dress, but I loved the pleats and the pattern, so I chopped the top off and turned it into a skirt! Animal print is a great pattern to clash with others, just keep it all tonal and you’ll be fine! My simple striped t-shirt was the perfect piece to mix with the busy print of the skirt. 

Skirt: Australian Red Cross Bentley $10
T-Shirt: Australian Red Cross Bentley $6
Earrings: Australian Red Cross North Perth $3
Shoes: Australian Red Cross Willagee $20
Belt: Op Shop
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

P.S check out my shoes! These beauties are none other than vintage Celine monk shoes. They are a perfect fit and in excellent condition. I actually did a little leap for joy when I found them sitting amongst the men’s shoes at the Red Cross in Willagee. Thank you op shop gods!!

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