Monday, 25 August 2014

Restyle Day 25 - Graphic

The graphic style prompt really stumped me. I was thinking of graphics on a t-shirt, like text or a photo print or something. It was only when I found this dress that I realised you could have graphic prints as well. Doh! Do you ever get that? When you are so focused on searching for one thing that you completely overlook something so obvious right in front of you? That’s why you can’t really go op shopping with any pre-conceived notions of what you want to find. It’s good to have a vague idea, like ‘I want to find a work skirt’ but you can't say ‘I want to find a blue pin stripe pencil skirt made out of wool’ because you will never find it and will probably miss out on something else.

This dress was full length when I found it, I loved the print and the shape of the sleeves, but knew that the pattern would swallow me up if I left the dress as a maxi. So with a little hesitation I chopped the bottom off and turned this maxi into a mini and I’m so glad I did. I’ve already worn this dress a handful of times, it’s filling a gap in my wardrobe of winter appropriate dresses which is awesome.

It’s often frowned up to alter vintage (which is why I was hesitant) but I’m a firm believer of adapting vintage clothing to fit your own style. I would never butcher a beautiful vintage dress, but if hemming something, removing sleeves or taking something in or out means that I will get more wear out of it, then I’m going to do it every time. I used the excess material to sew a skirt (which I wore for Day 1), so I made the most of this fabulous fabric and got two items for the price of one! Pretty good I say!

Dress: Australian Red Cross Bentley $5
Shoes: Australian Red Cross Bentley $10
Belt: Op Shop
Bag: Vintage

Photos by the marvellous Tash

The Restyle Photo-A-Day Challenge is proudly supported by Lotterywest 

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