Saturday, 23 August 2014

Restyle Day 23 - Lace

Today’s style prompt was stupidly hard. You’d think that finding something lacy and cute in an op shop would be relatively easy right?! Wrong! I struggled big time and was SO excited when I finally found this amazing lace top in the Australian Red Cross Mandurah shop.

I keep saying that I don’t wear all black very often, but I seem to be continually putting together black dominated outfits for Restyle (sheer, button down, collar)… I guess an all black outfit is pretty fail-safe and considering I’m putting together 31 op shopped outfits this month, it’s nice to throw in a few that I know will be instant hits.

These vintage Lisa Ho wide legged pants are definitely not my usual style, I’d normally pair this kind of lacy top with my leather skirt or shorts, but in the name of the game I thought I’d challenge myself to try something different. This outfit is very slick and glamorous, it’s the kind of thing I’d wear to drink champagne with my girlfriends. Speaking of which, I need to do that more often!

Top: Australian Red Cross Mandurah $6
Pants: Australian Red Cross Hamilton Hill $14
Bracelets: Op Shop
Earrings: Collette
Shoes: Gorman

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  1. I love the top and the pants, it is a good look on you. xx Jenelle.

    1. Thanks Jenelle! I'm still not sure about these pants, it's definitely a different look for me!

  2. Such a chic, elegant look! ...and I love those tassel earrings!

    1. Thanks Lauren!! I LOVE my tassel earrings too, they make everything a little bit more fancy (and they cost about $3 from a cheapo jewellery store)