Monday, 2 March 2015

Street Style Steal

Well hello there! For this fine Monday morning I have a new Street Style Steal for you! I love this look so much, mixing prints is my favourite and when I saw this image bouncing around Pinterest I knew straight away I wanted to give it a go.

Spots are pretty much the easiest print to mix others with and this particular fashionista obviously thought so to. The short flippy skirt worn with a masculine camo print t and comfy brogues is such a great combination of uber girly and tom boyish. It’s such an easy outfit to wear and one I will definitely be repeating!

I already owned the spotty skirt but I needed to find a camo print t-shirt, so after asking my ex-military housemate if he had one (he didn’t) I went searching through my favourite op shops. I don’t know if I’m lucky or I just know what kind of things I am most likely to find in an op shop, but so far every Street Style Steal item I’ve needed to source has only taken me one or two trips to find (touch wood!). The same went for this t-shirt. I saw the picture, decided to recreate it and the first op shop I walked into had this camo T waiting for me in the mens section.


Skirt: Salvos Osborne Park $6
Top: Salvos Myaree $4
Shoes: Celine, Red Cross Willagee $20
Necklace: Good Sammies Myaree $2


  1. That is such a cute flippy skirt, I like it better than the one in the original pic!

    1. Thanks so much Beth! I was so excited to find this skirt a few weeks ago and didn't even notice until I got it home that it has been altered by the previous owner. It was obviously once a longer skirt and has been hemmed rather poorly, so I had to fix it up a little bit, but it's awesome now! x H

  2. What a great look, you wear it well :)