Friday, 27 March 2015

Back to Basics

The last few outfits I’ve shared on the blog have been fairly similar. Denim, leather and white t-shirts. Those kind of outfits are all well and good, but don’t let me fool you into thinking I’ve turned into one of those capsule wardrobe bloggers with a blog role full of black, white and grey outfits. It feels like forever since I’ve just worn a nice frock, so last Friday that’s exactly what I did.

This outfit is classic Hannah, a vintage floral dress and a brooch. This particular dress is a recent purchase, I bought it for… (wait for it)… $2! Good Sammies in Fremantle is clearing out their summer stock and all of their dresses are marked at $2! It’s madness, I bought two for myself (very restrained if you ask me!) and five for a friend of mine. It was seriously like hitting the op shop jack pot!

It’s been a while since I went back to basics and wore a pretty vintage dress. Writing this blog has encouraged me to try different styles, take outfit inspiration from all over the place and really push the limits of my personal style. But now and then it’s nice to wear something that makes you feel like a million bucks even if it isn’t the most fashion-forward, on-point, insta-worthy outfit in the world.

Dress: Good Sammies Fremantle $2
Belt: Vinnies Claremont $2
Shoes: Salvos Osborne Park $8
Brooch: Op Shop

PS I'm two months into my Buy Nothing New challenge and still haven't cracked!! Have any of you taken the plunge and made the pledge?


  1. You must have some generous op shop donaters in your area! I'm trying to practice similar generosity by donating stuff that I may have sold on eBay once upon a time in the hope of promoting some good op shop karma . . . I did score a fab Cue blazer from the Salvos yesterday for $11 so I reckon it's working!

    1. Nice work with the $11 blazer! I don't know if my op-shop donaters are any more generous then yours, I was just lucky to walk into the right good sammies at the right time! A $2 dress sale is pretty unheard of, even for a keen op shopper like me!