Monday, 22 September 2014

Weekend Sunny Weekend

Spring has finally sprung and the weather has been glorious! I wore this outfit last weekend, while traipsing around Fremantle and falling a little bit more in love with my home town. My boyfriend and I will be moving out of our fabulous shared apartment next Autumn, so we have one last spring and summer to enjoy living in the heart of Fremantle and I intend to make the most of it!


This outfit was perfect for wandering around the streets, coffee in hand. Seeing as I have to dress so professionally for work, I love wearing super relaxed outfits on the weekend, not a pencil skirt or blazer in sight! Plus I can ditch the GHDs for a few days and hide my messy un-tamed hair under a hat, what a relief!

Wearing stripes and floral together has become a standard look for me. I really enjoy mixing patterns and these two seem to work so effortlessly together. I have so many different striped t-shirts but I can’t get enough of them, so are SO perfect for spring, when it’s not warm enough for bare shoulders, but too hot for long sleeves.

T-Shirt - Op Shop
Skirt - Op Shop
Hat - Op Shop
Sunglasses - Karen Walker
Boots - Report

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