Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Restyle Wrap Up

Seeing as I’ve now successfully op shopped, worn, photographed and blogged about 31 outfits in one month I thought I’d break it down for you in numbers, because when I did it for myself it was a little eye opening to say the least!! According to my various blog stats, the outfit you liked the most was Tailored (by far!!) and the least loved was Texture (sad face)

Over a period of approximately four weeks I visited all the Australian Red Cross op shops in Perth (many of them more than once) and bought 67 pieces of clothing which consisted of:

20 tops
14 dresses
9 skirts
6 pieces of jewellery
5 jackets
5 pairs of pants
5 different accessories
3 pairs of shoes

In total I spent $461.50, the most expensive thing I bought was $25 (the fur cape) and the cheapest was $1 (a scarf), although I did pick up a number of things for $2 (like my amazing pink silk wrap top!). There were 13 pieces that I didn’t use for Restyle and will hence be donating back to the Red Cross (along with many other things from my wardrobe). By breaking it down like this there are some things I want to point out…

It’s SO easy to build a versatile wardrobe full of good quality items from op shops! It took me about four weeks to pull together my looks for Restyle, and I was only visiting op shops on a Saturday because I work full time. I got everything from cosy jumpers and casual t-shirts to a gorgeous cocktail gown and everything in-between (including a couple of awesome designer pieces). So before you head to Myer or David Jones, check out your local op shops first!

Even though the average cost per item was only $7, that money quickly adds up if you buy something you don’t need/will never wear. I wasted $100 on things I didn’t use for Restyle! This is a bit of a wake-up call for me and I’m going to be extra careful when I next go op shopping to ensure I’m not  buying something just because it’s SO cheap (a trap I often fall in to)

And lastly, although it’s impossible to choose just one, I wanted to share some of my favorite looks from each of the Restyle bloggers...







 Click on each picture to go to their blog and view the whole post (it’s worth it!!)

Thank you so much for following along with my Restyle journey. I hope you’ll stick around In The Dress Up Box, I’ve got plenty more op shop adventures to share!!


  1. Great outfits and I love how they're all from op shops. Very cool!

    1. Thanks so much Gabrielle! I'm all about op shops, you definitely don't need to spend a fortune to look good :) xx H