Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Cold Snap

I'm not one to wish the seasons away but I must say I'm hanging out for some cooler weather. Not least because I want to wear some of my fabulous coats. On my recent op-shop trips I have come home with a few new coats that I am just dying to wear. Summer is wonderful for a million reasons, but dressing in Autumn and Winter is so much more fun. There are so many different things you can play with when dressing for cooler weather; scarfs, hats, stockings, jackets, jumpers, gloves, oh my goodness I am excited! 

Here are the three coats I have picked up recently...

Red vintage Calvin Klein jacket, which is lined with black and white check $12 from Salvos
Cropped khaki green military jacket $8 from Salvos
Black and white tweed blazer with incredible sculpted shoulders and lined with silk $8 from Anglicare

Seriously, these three op-shopped babies are to die for. Paired with my new Jeffrey Campbell boots and I'm ready for a cold snap!

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